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Flexible, Heat-Resistant, Acrylic Building Materials

Hanwha - Hanex Solid Surfaces

Hanwha L&C is a specialist in manufacturing premium building materials.

The company's energy-saving, eco-friendly products promote elegance and improved product functionality, while showcasing modern design trends.

Surface materials for residential and commercial buildings

Hanwha L&C's Hanex® Solid Surfaces range is mainly used as a counter top surface for commercial buildings and residential finishing materials. Its non-porous and waterproof attributes protect it from warping / distorting caused by moisture.

Hanex Solid Surfaces separates itself from laminate and natural stones with its thermo-formability and versatile patterns, giving it endless design possibilities.

Customisable acrylic materials for counter tops

Hanex Solid Surfaces offers one of the broadest array of colours and textures of solid surfaces in the market.

The product's colour palette follows the latest design trends and has been developed to be integrated with a broad range of finishes and materials.

Unlimited designs of building materials

Hanex Solid Surfaces are designed from a unique blend of 100% acrylic resins and natural materials, so sheets can be cut, shaped and formed into an unlimited range of designs.

Waterproof, easy-to-maintain surface material

Hanex is non-porous and solid throughout the entire material, which makes it easy to repair and virtually maintenance-free.

Durable, stain-resistant acrylic for counter tops

Hanex is an acrylic solid surface with a high-level of alumina trihydrate content as the filler, an ingredient that provides superior resistance to stains and chemicals.

Heat-resistant surface materials

Hanex resists changes in colour and shape when it is applied to heat from an outside source. The material has been tested in various thermal categories, including weather, heat and hot water resistance, and UV stability.

About Hanwha L&C

Hanwha L&C has been making its name as one of Korea's prominent building material manufacturers. The experience the company has cumulated over the last 50 years through process-manufacturing has been the platform to excel and gain recognition in the future-growth industries.

Hanwha L&C has branch offices in Europe, the US and China, and cooperates with partner companies worldwide to offer clients a comprehensive fabrication and installation services.

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