Energy-Efficient Climate Control Systems, Air Conditioning (AC) Units and Dehumidifiers

Munters is a global leader in energy-efficient air treatment solutions for comfort, process and environmental protection. Our air conditioning systems are designed to control all your ventilation needs, contributing to quick installation, high indoor comfort and low life-cycle costs.

With offices in 30 countries, 4,000 employees and more than 300 branches, we guarantee you a first-class partnership and access to our international network of fast-acting and competent engineers.

Low-energy air treatment systems

Munters' wide range of air treatment solutions include:

  • NA air handling units
  • DryCool and DesiCool climate control systems
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • OasisTM indirect evaporative cooling

Air treatment systems for indoor-air-quality, space humidity and conditioned air solutions

Munters' air treatment solutions are designed and manufactured to supply indoor-air-quality, space humidity and conditioned air solutions with a lower energy consumption. The systems are designed, tested and produced to applicable standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CEN and are certified by EUROVENT.

Dehumidification and air conditioning systems

Our green air treatment thinking means we use dehumidification combined with evaporative cooling to obtain the right comfort environment to exacting performance demands. Munters air treatment systems range from our standard NA air conditioning systems incorporating energy efficient heat recovery to our innovative DesiCool and DryCool ranges.

Air handling systems

Munters' NA air handling systems are designed for service-friendliness and leakage prevention. An advanced in-house selection program assists dimensioning and gives a complete technical specification with detailed dimensional drawings.

Modular NA systems

Munters NA systems are built on a common global design platform, which means you can choose module and casing specifications. Our system casing comprises double skinned panels built on a frame of self- supporting smooth panels with mineral wool insulation. The casing can be constructed in normal galvanized finish, stainless steel or pre-coated steel. The panel construction is via internal and external bolts, with a finishing cap to protect bolts. A simple key system allows demounting of system panels if needed. There are no cold bridges with this construction and system.

Climate control systems - DryCool

Our award-winning DryCool CCUs control temperature and humidity independently. They utilize direct expansion condenser heat to reactivate the desiccant wheel while the evaporator provides cooling prior to the desiccant process. They are designed to cost effectively treat 100% makeup air and work in conjunction with existing AC systems to give upto 30% energy savings.

Energy-saving air treatment CCS systems - DesiCool

Based on Carl Munters' inventions on evaporative cooling our DesiCool air conditioning units are today’s answer to a modern, environmentally friendly and economic air conditioning system. Providing both cooling and air conditioning in only one unit, whilst using excess heat (e.g. from production facilities), and so giving energy savings of upto 45%, low running costs and requiring no refrigerant.

Our energy saving Powerpurge technology is available for our large dehumidification systems reducing energy usage and giving savings of upto 30% on running costs.

Energy saving climate control for data centres

With over 300,000 air treatment systems installed worldwide and 35 years of experience with air-to-air heat exchangers and evaporative cooling, Munters advanced cooling systems provide data centre's the desired cooling using significantly less energy than standard air conditioning. Munters Oasis systems integrate DX, chilled water, indirect and direct evaporative and economizer cycles to meet the specific requirements of any facility.

Energy recovery products

We offer designs utilizing plate counter flow heat exchangers, heat pipe, and energy recovery wheels. Exhaust recovery ventilation utilizes energy from the exhaust air stream to precondition the outside air being introduced into the building. This provides free heating in winter and free cooling in summer.

Our systems can be installed in fully compatible, integrated combinations to deliver the ideal functionality and performance required. Easy to install and maintain, our air treatment systems are compact and designed for limited space requirements.

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