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LAMPTUB Classic Fluorescent Tubular Lighting System and STEP IP67 Luminary

Palafolls' new municipal library was conceived as sunken 1m underground so that the roof mimicked the profile of the mountains on the horizon. For Enric Miralles, the designer, it was essential to integrate the building into the natural surroundings to create a "special place full of air," and Lamp Lighting's lighting systems – including the LAMPTUB fluorescent tubular lighting system and STEP IP67 luminary – provided the perfect opportunity to do so.

The LAMPTUB is a classic fluorescent tubular lighting system is made of extruded aluminium, painted white. The interior reflector is bright specular aluminium, equipped for one or two 18W, 36W or 58W T8 fluorescent lamps, with electromagnetic or electronic control gear versions.

The STEP IP67 luminary can be stepped on, and its rectangular shape permits the use of T5 and PL-L lamps with symmetric or asymmetric reflectors and bands of different coloured LEDs and RGB.

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