Alef Group awards new shopping mall contract to Omis Contracting

UAE-based company Alef Group has awarded a contract to Omis Contracting for the construction of a new shopping mall called Zero 6 in Sharjah.

Valued at Dh210m ($57.1m), Zero 6 is expected to open in April next year.

To be built on an area of 37,000m², the proposed project will include advanced leisure and service facilities and an eight-screen cinema complex that will feature the biggest IMAX in the UAE.

Several shops featuring different global brands will be included in the complex, which will have a car parking facility for 490 cars, as well as various other parking lots surrounding the mall.

The project, with 16,000m² leasable area, will be located within a 5km radius from Sharjah University City, Sharjah International Airport, Dubai International Airport and high-end residential areas.

Out of the total leasable area, 13,000m² will be dedicated to retail and 3,000m² for restaurants and cafes, reports Khaleej Times.

"Valued at Dh210m ($57.1m), Zero 6 is expected to open in April next year."

Alef Group chairman Shaikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi was quoted by the publication saying: "Over the past years, the Emirate of Sharjah has witnessed significant urban and developmental progress.

"This progress has reinforced the position of Sharjah and has made it an attractive investment environment that possesses outstanding infrastructure and wins high confidence from investors across the region and the world at large.

"At Alef Group, we seek to keep up with this comprehensive development progress and direct our investments towards the achievement of our Emirate's promising aspirations, and the requirements of its residents and visitors.

"This is in line with the steady growth of population and Sharjah's unique geographic location, which is in the heart of our beloved country, the UAE."

Zero 6 will also feature a gym, a nursery and a medical facility, reports The National.