Chicago Architecture Foundation to relocate and set up new centre

The Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) is set to relocate to 111 East Wacker Drive, where it will establish the Chicago Architecture Center (CAC).

To be opened next year, the new centre will be built on a 20,000ft² area. It forms a part of the Illinois Center complex, with 9,000ft² exhibition space designed by New York-based design studio Local Projects.

CAC’s Skyscape Gallery will feature permanent exhibit 'Tall Buildings and Innovation', which will provide information about skyscrapers in Chicago and worldwide.

"CAC’s Skyscape Gallery will feature permanent exhibit 'Tall Buildings and Innovation'."

In addition, the CAC will have a custom-designed lecture hall, a design studio, and a retail space.

CAF president and CEO Lynn Osmond said: “The Chicago Architecture Center is an exciting new endeavor for the foundation and the city.

“For more than 50 years, our board of trustees, docents, volunteers, donors and members have been unstinting supporters of CAF. We are all looking forward to providing Chicagoans and visitors with a forum to debate the future of urban areas and learn more about the city that invented the skyscraper.”

Image: The Chicago Architecture Foundation is moving to a new location, where it will establish the Chicago Architecture Center. Photo: courtesy of Chicago Architecture Foundation.