DeTrafford Estates submits plan for new mixed-use project in Manchester, UK

DeTrafford Estates has submitted a proposal to develop a new mixed-use project in Thorncross Close Castlefield on the outskirts of Manchester, UK.

The proposed five-tower residential scheme will include a total of 419 apartments.

Offering more than 32,000ft² of commercial space at the ground-floor level, the towers will range from five to 16 storeys in height, reported Construction News.

DeTrafford is planning to pull down former brewery and warehouse buildings at the site, reported Construction Enquirer.

"The towers will range from five to 16 storeys in height, reported Construction News."

In August this year, DeTrafford Estates also began a collaboration with Manchester-based fine art photographer Simon Buckley to document the evolution of an area bordered by the UK’s Chester Road and Castlefield Conservation Area over the next five years. This collaboration will also evaluate the priorities and perspectives of DeTrafford Estates in a video blog.

The photographic catalogue and blog will be updated on the DeTrafford website and is expected to be published as a book or form an exhibition.

In addition, DeTrafford Estates also received approval from Manchester City Council to develop St George’s Gardens in Manchester, UK.

The project is the fourth phase of the wider development of the area, which will include the overall Manchester Gardens scheme.