Edmonton unveils downtown arena design

Edmonton downtown arena

The city of Edmonton in Canada has released preliminary designs of its proposed $450m downtown arena, which will be finalised next month.

The proposed arena has been designed with a teardrop-shaped structure and is intended to be the new home of National Hockey League's Edmonton Oilers.

The stadium, planned to be built with steel and glass, will be designed to bring natural light into the structure through the glass-sided walls, while a tall pedway over 104 Avenue will take people down to a new public square.

Edmonton downtown arena project executive director Rick Daviss told The Canadian Press that the arena has a very modern, curve-linear, free-flowing design.

"It is going to be a fairly significant building and if you can round it and put on some effective street-level treatment and landscaping, you can make it still human scale," Daviss said.

Edmonton city authority said the images of the arena are part of preliminary design work to evaluate possible options for inclusion of amenities and construction feasibility.

The design is expected to evolve over time, with a review process taking place by the city, the Katz Group, the architect and the project manager.

The design will also be subjected to a public consultation process commencing in late May; following the consultation an updated plan will be presented before Edmonton's city council, which will finalise the design.

In October 2011, Edmonton city council voted to sign a deal with Oilers owner Daryl Katz for the new arena on a cost-sharing basis.

The city council and the Katz Group have selected PCL Construction as the preferred company to manage construction of the proposed arena.

The design of the arena is expected to cost $30m and construction and the project is scheduled to start in 2015.