MPavilion 2016 designed by Studio Mumbai opens in Melbourne

MPavilion has opened in Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne, Australia.

Designed by Indian architect Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai, construction saw materials such as 7km of bamboos, 50t of stones and 26km of ropes used to build the 16.8m2 summer pavilion.

It has been built by Australian builders from Kane Construction and features a bluestone floor bought from a quarry in Port Fairy, Victoria. In addition, around 5,000 wooden pins and ropes were used to hold the bamboos together.

The MPavilion roof features slatted panels constructed from sticks from the Karvi plant. The roof has an opening at the centre, which signifies a connection of earth to sky, while a golden well situated below symbolises importance of water to place and community.

 A tazia-like entrance tower welcomes guests to the pavilion and specially made lighting is featured, which was designed by Ben Cobham of Bluebottle.

"MPavilion is a space for the people of Melbourne to gather, talk, think, and reflect."

Jain said: “MPavilion is a space for the people of Melbourne to gather, talk, think, and reflect.

“My objective has not just been to create a new building, but to capture the spirit of the place by choosing the right materials, respecting the surrounding nature and working collaboratively with local craftspeople to share design and construction ideas.”

Opening as a part of the Melbourne Festival and Confluence: Festival of India, MPavilion will host more than 400 free public events.

Image: MPavilion roof opening signifies earth and sky connection. Photo: courtesy of John Gollings.