Richard Meier and Partners concludes Rothschild Tower project in Israel

Richard Meier and Partners has completed the Bauhaus-inspired Rothschild Tower project in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The new residential tower rises 154m above Rothschild Boulevard in the centre of the UNESCO-protected White City.

Its lightness and transparency is the result of a façade that consists of clear glass with a white louvre screen.

The double-layered façade for the tower spans 42 storeys above street level.

Rothschild rests on a retail base and the fundamental considerations that shape its design are said to be the lighting, views to the city and sea, and an assembly of served and service spaces around the core.

Richard Meier and Partners design partner-in-charge Reynolds Logan said: “The tower and all its contents are designed to recognise a role as a citizen to the city, with gestures to different scales at the base, shaft, and top of the building.

“The tower is deliberately lifted above the street on graceful piloti, with an undulating glass wall in deference to the importance of this important intersection of Rothschild and Allenby.

"The tower and all its contents are designed to recognise a role as a citizen to the city."

“The transparency and lofty openness of the ground floor lobby, garden, and retail spaces contribute to a vibrant streetscape.”

The tower’s lobby and retail spaces are open to the surrounding streets and neighbourhood.

Richard Meier and Partners has designed several new towers that are currently under construction across the globe.

The projects include the CDC Xin-Yi Residential Tower in Taipei, the Taichung Condominium Tower in Taichung, and the Reforma Towers in Mexico City.

Image: The new Rothschild Tower rises 154m above Rothschild Boulevard. Photo: courtesy of Richard Meier and Partners Architects LLP.