Vendsyssel Theatre and Experience Centre, Hjørring City, Denmark


The Vendsyssel Theatre and experience centre is a modern theatre and cultural facility set to open in Hjørring, the capital city of Vendsyssel, Denmark, in 2016. A consortium led by the Danish architecture firm schmidt hammer lassen won the competition to design the theatre and experience centre in November 2013.

The €16.5m ($22.5m) theatre building project is scheduled for ground breaking in 2014. The facility will serve as a major cultural hub in the city bringing together the music, art and theatre lovers.

Vendsyssel theatre and experience centre design

The 4,200m2 Vendsyssel theatre and experience centre will comprise a series of rectilinear blocks. The design of the theatre centre is based on a flexible open plan layout that aims to establish visual and physical connections between each building. Along with a plaza in front of it, the theatre facility has been designed as a 'city within city'.

"The design attempts to project the Vendsyssel theatre building as a radically modern cultural facility."

The layout of the complex, which resembles a series of streets and the squires of a city, provides for adequate circulation areas enabling the audience move easily between the halls. The design attempts to project the Vendsyssel theatre building as a radically modern cultural facility while integrating it with the city's architectural tradition. The building's façade design and colour match existing plaster and brick façades in the area.

The theatre building will house an auditorium that can accommodate of up to 445 audiences, as well as a 150 people capacity concert hall space. The layout of the facility is inspired by the motif of ensuring transparency to the visitors. The audience can have back stage view of the actors and staff while enjoying the cultural performances.

Attention has also been given to design the facility to appear lively even with a low number of people inside it. The facility is envisaged to be a meeting place of people of all ages while serving as a nurturing ground for local youth willing to excel in theatrical art. The theatre complex will offer space for experimental theatrical performances too.

Façade design and sustainability features

The façade of the theatre building will comprise corten steel and glass. Most part of the building's exterior will be coloured in warm rusty red to create an aesthetic connection with the city.

The building will feature a range of energy-efficient installations including passive solar shading and photovoltaic panels on its roof.

Contractors involved

Local architecture firm Arkitektfirmaet Finn Østergaard assisted schmidt hammer lassen architects with the design of the Vendsyssel theatre and experience centre. Schmidt hammer lassen architects will also be the full service consultant for the theatre building project. LIW Planning is the landscape architect.

"Arkitektfirmaet Finn Østergaard assisted schmidt hammer lassen architects with the design."

Brix & Kamp and Alectia are the engineers for the Vendsyssel theatre project. Gade & Mortensen Akustik, AIX Arkitekter, Filippa Berglund, scenograf, and arkitekt maa are among the other consultants to be involved in the project.