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Custom-Build Architecture
ALUCOBOND® Aluminium Composite Panels
Modern Electrical Components and Systems for Building Interiors
3D Architectural Rendering Software for BIM Professionals
Standard and Non-Standard Access Panels, Column Casings, Bulkheads, and Trims
Fail-Safe Emergency Egress Marking Systems
Energy-Saving Destratification Systems
Ventilation and Airflow Control Systems for Operating Theater
Industrial Lifts, Construction Hoists and Mast Climbing Work Platforms
LED Lighting Systems
Metal Casting and Fabrication Services
Metal Finishes and Architectural Features
larson® Aluminium Composite Panels
Energy Efficient Wooden Windows and Doors
Architectural Glass Design Consultants
Steel Products and Services
Fabric Membrane Canopies
Coating Solutions, Adhesives and Sealants for Structures
Wall-Mounted Speakers with Interchangeable Screens
Locks, Doors and Complete Door Opening Solutions
Stormwater Management Systems
Drainage Cell and Water Management Solutions
Automatic Sliding, Swing and Revolving Doors
Bespoke Entrances, Automatic Revolving Doors and Manual Revolving Doors
Automatic Swing-, Sliding- and Revolving Door Sales and Service
Timber Construction, Modular Construction, General Contractor and Free Forms
Digital Workflow CAD/CAM
Glass Blocks for Walls, Facades, Ceilings and Floors
Luxury Woven Carpets
Interior and Exterior Architectural Parts
GPS Tracking and Fleet Management for Construction Operations
British Natural Stone Products
Public Elements® create orientation and identification in Public Spaces
Electrical Installation Technology
Adjustable Screwjack Pedestals, Pavers, Paver Support and Wood Deck Supports
Luxury Woven Textile Products
Stainless-Steel Cables and Meshes for Security Applications
Comprehensive Design Software for Land Development Professionals
Metal Architectural Components and Services
High-Tech Structural Textiles
Exterior Architectural Metal Wall and Roof Systems
Ceramic Tiles for Living Rooms, Kitchens and Bathrooms
Wear-Resistant Gloves
Waterproofing and Greenroof Systems
Complex Aluminium and Steel Structures
Architectural and Display Lighting Solutions
Industrial Concrete Surface Treatments
Architectural Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth
Frameless Balcony and Terrace Glazing Manufacture
Professional Interior Paints and Coatings
Analysis of IT Equipment for the Design and Building Industry
High-Performance Hoists and Industrial Elevators
Premium Vinyl Flooring and Stair Systems
Providing Industry BIM Toolchains to Architects and Planners
Decorative Safety Glass
Digital Printers and Inks for Glass Decoration
Doors, Entrance Systems and Glass Fittings
Silicon-Based Adhesives and Sealants for the Design Build Industry
Innovative Technologies for Interior Outfitting
High-Performance PVB Interlayers for Laminated Glass
Sustainable Emergency Lighting Systems
Modular PVC Flooring Tiles
Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Technology for Buildings, Equipment Rooms and Like Applications
Custom Staircases and Balustrades
Specialist Seating for Lecture and Conference Halls, Cinemas and Theatres, and Sports Stadia
Building Exterior Products and Solutions
Ceramic Stoneware for Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces
Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Glass
Photovoltaic Solutions for Renewable Buildings
Roof and Facade Cladding
Concrete Production and Transportation Solutions
Emergency Stairway Descent and Evacuation Systems
Premium Lighting Solutions
Reusable Set Out Tools for Surveying Applications
Partitions and Walls for the Design Build Industry
Tensile Fabric Structures and Fabric Roof Systems
PVC Flooring
High-End Laminate Flooring
Louvre Windows for Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation
Fireproof Construction Materials for High-Rise Buildings
Anti-Slip Safety Solutions for Floors and Stairways
High-Performance Architectural Stone Products
Metal and Window Construction
Ecologically Sustainable Roof and Vertical Gardens
Ceramic Tiles for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Applications
Italian Engineered Wood Flooring
High-Performance Sanitary and Drainage Solutions
Water Supply Systems Components and Fittings
Stainless-Steel Sinks, Worktops, Cabinets, Shelving and Sanitary Ware
Intelligent Building Technology
Bespoke Design, Manufacture and Installation of Architectural Glazing
Fixed, Hinged and Sliding Glass Rooflights
We cover the entire spectrum of the Construction value chain, from developers and investors, to architects, designers, and engineers through to contractors, project managers and technology, material, product and equipment suppliers.
Teak, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Woven-Wicker Outdoor Furniture
Architectural Washroom, Cubicle and Panel Systems
Outdoor Shade Sails for Exterior Applications
Floodwater, Rainwater and Wastewater Management Systems
Interior LED Luminaries
Architectural Wire Mesh
Printers for Architectural Plans and Technical Drawings
Large Format Printing Solutions
Tensile Structures: PTFE, ETFE and PVC Membranes
Acoustic Consultants
Fire-Retardant Timber Products and Timber Preservative Products
Professional 3D-Rendering Services for the Design Industry
Smoke and Heat Detector Testing Equipment and Products
Flexible, Heat-Resistant, Acrylic Building Materials
Office Furniture Systems
Bespoke Glass Partitions, Bespoke Shower Screens, Canopy Systems, Glass Stairs and Flooring
Rubber Flooring and Multi-Enzyme Cleaning Solutions
Outdoor Retractable Awnings, Roofs and Blinds
Ecodesign to Build Sustainable Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Solutions
Fire Detection Systems, Fire Control Panels and Smoke Alarms
Illuminated Signage and Fittings
Electrical Switches and Systems
Development, Production and Sales of Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems
Data Consultancy Solutions for Design and Construction Projects
Sustainable Alternatives to Tropical Hardwood and Preservative-Treated Wood
Shower Enclosures, Design Radiators, Central Heating Radiators
Raised Floor Panels
Construction materials
Integrated Lighting Systems
Custom-Designed Glass Installations for Commercial and Residential Interiors
Bohemian Crystal and Glass Lighting, Chandeliers and Sculptures
High-Quality Ceramic Bathroom Solutions for Designers
Create the Future
The Leading European Architects Forum
Specialist Publication for Architects and Interior Designers
Specialised Lighting Manufacturer
Customized Fabric Buildings
Washroom and LED Lighting
Protective, Energy Saving and Decorative Window Film
Industrial Fasteners for Design Applications
Fire Retardant Treated Timbers and Industrially Applied Fire Retardant Pre-Treatments
High-Quality Indoor and Outdoor Light Fixtures
Metal Roofing and Facades
Balcony Facades and Glazing Systems
Pre-Patinated Copper and Pre-Oxidised Copper Alloy for Building Surfaces
Protective Film for Windows
Heavy Lift Crane Services and Solutions
Heating Solutions for the Architecture Industry
Metal Façades, Steel Roofing Profiles and Wall Claddings
Flexible Metal Sheets and Meshes for Facades and Wall Panels
Bespoke Furniture for Hotel, Hospitality and Interior Design Industries
Porcelain Stoneware Surfaces
Natural Ventilation and Daylight Systems
Sustainable Tiles for Architectural Designs
Contemporary Outdoor and Garden Furniture
Energy-Efficient Climate Control Systems, Air Conditioning (AC) Units and Dehumidifiers
Zinc for Roofing, Cladding, Facades, and Interior and Exterior Design
Sintered Compact Surfaces for Interior and Exterior Application
Rubber Flooring and Rubber Floor Coverings
Speciality Glazing, ETFE and Architectural Steel Supporting Structures
Rainscreen Cladding Systems for the Facade Industry
Ultra-Thin-Layer, High-Resolution 3D Printing Systems for Technical Drawings and Architectural Scale Models
Leading LED Lighting Solutions Provider in Europe
Office Fit Out, Refurbishment and Relocation Services
Stainless-Steel Construction Materials
Glass Partition Walls
Emergency Exit Signage and Lighting
Automatic Thermal Break Doors and Sliding Doors
Variotrans® Colour Effect Glass and Optical Filters for Interior and Facade Architecture
High-Quality Commercial Lighting
Single Ply Roofing Systems
Stone Materials for the Construction Industry
Home Entertainment and Residential Management and Control Systems
Elastic Formliners and Casting Techniques
LED Drivers and Converters
Interior Lighting for Retail Applications
Resin-Bound Gravel, and Quartz Stone Flooring
Lamps and Lighting Systems
Designer Interior and Exterior Balustrades
Incandescent Lighting Solutions
Formwork, Shoring, Safety and Access Solutions
Window Openers, Actuators, Panels and Switches
Translucent Building Materials for Façades and Roofs
Laminate Wood Flooring, Wall Boards and Beams
Apple-Based Hotel Entertainment and Wi-Fi Solutions
Facade Cladding Systems
Clamps for Standing Seam Rooftop Accessory Attachment
Custom-Made Mast Climbing Work Platforms, Material Hoists and Industrial Elevators
Coating Solutions for Exteriors
Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Glass-Glass Modules and Solar Design Laminate
Precision-Woven Fabric Manufacturing for Interior and Exterior Use
Concrete Stone Product and Paving Manufacture and Support
Building Management and Control Systems
Glass, Wood, Stainless Steel, Stone and Acrylic Glass Stairs
Architectural Umbrellas and Fabric Structures for Outdoor Areas
Smoke and Fire Protection Systems for Buildings
Design and Manufacture of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Solar Modules
Tubular Daylighting Device
Solar Modules and Energy Systems for Commercial and Residential Use
Smoke Ventilation Systems
Noise Reduction Sound Systems for Bars, Nightclubs, Hotels and Marquees
Commercial and Residential Sound Systems
Roofing and Cladding Systems
Roof Window Solutions and Entry Way Mailboxes
Windows, Doors and Building Materials
Architectural Composite Panels
Natural Stone Surface Coatings and Claddings
Wooden Construction Materials and Building Solutions
Grates and Drainage Systems
COLORBOND®Steel and Aluminium Privacy and Shade Screens, Fencing and Outdoor Gates
Pietra Dura Decorative Designs for Floors, Walls and Furnishings
Warm-Edge Spacer Systems
Sustainable Fibre Cement Panels for Outdoor and Indoor Applications
Motion Monitoring Equipment for Buildings and Structures
Control and Management Systems
Outdoor Furniture - Tables, Picnic Benches, Litter Bins, Parasols
Thermally Optimised Spacers and Muntin Bars for Insulating Glass Units
Blast Protection and CBRN Filtration Systems for the Design Industry
Portable Lighting Products, LED Modules and LED Engines
Waterproofing, Acoustic and Thermal Insulation Solutions
Lighting Design Services
High-Quality Rooflights, Skylights and Roof Windows
Sustainable Heating Solutions, Underfloor Heating Systems, Heat Recovery Ventilation, Biomass Stoves
Vitrum Home Automation Products
Underfloor Heating and Surface Cooling Systems
Natural Goat-Hair Carpets
Modular Façade Systems
Quarring of Vals Quarzite and Manufacture of Various Natural Stone Products
Environmentally-Friendly Decking by Deceuninck
3D Modelling and Visualisation Services for Urban Applications
Outdoor Garden Furniture, Patio Furniture and Luxury Sun Loungers
Sustainable Handformed Facing Bricks and Pavers
Louvre Roofing Systems
Fire-Resistant Glass Product Manufacture
Acoustic Panels
High-Performance Architectural Glass Products
Sanitaryware, Bathroom Furniture, Acrylic Bathtubs and Ceramic Tiles
Glass Textile Coverings for Ceilings and Walls
Titanium – Zinc products
Panel Heaters, Designer Radiators and Underfloor Heating Systems
Toilet Cubicles, Vanities, Lockers, Benching and Changing Room Systems
Underfloor Heating, Flood Management and Plastic Drainage Systems
High-Quality Sustainable and Ethical Timber Products
Interlockable Stone Façade Systems for Buildings
Customised Timber Solutions for Construction Projects
High-Performance Steel and Glass Complete Glazing Solutions
Granite Kitchen and Marble Bathroom Fittings, and Stone Flooring
Innovative Lighting Solutions and Lighting Management Systems