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Expanded Metal Displays are Fascinating Fans of Beautiful Shoes

Mevaco Expanded Metals

An innovative shoe shop has been designed as a pilot concept by the polish architect Seweryn Nogalski from the architect’s office Pentagram in the Wileńska emporium. White shelves made from rolled aluminium sheets secured on MEVACO expanded metal walls ideally present shoes to eager shoppers.

"This design offers the ideal background for displaying shoes", explains Seweryn Nogalski. "Expanded metal is an excellent material for this purpose, as it is easy to install yet remains very flexible in this connection. In spite of its inherent strength, it can be used for the widest range of applications. It can be painted, exposed to corrosion, welded or even screwed on – any idea is feasible."

Using the LED spotlights, the shop can also be lit up like in a theatre. The light reflections, which arise on the expanded metal, redirect the customer’s attention to the shoes.

Seweryn Nogalski used two types of MEVACO expanded metal in this shoe shop in the Wileńska emporium, namely rhomb 62x25x9 with bridge thickness 2mm, as well as rhomb 200x80x33 with bridge thickness 3mm, both without surface treatment and in the material aluminium.

The polish architect frequently works with MEVACO expanded metals. "We also used the material in the Big Star shops, for example in Berlin, which were also designed by Pentagram", says Seweryn Nogalski. "The cooperation with MEVACO also worked excellently there."

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