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Bocad-3D on the Dynamic Wave of Innovations

Good software steadily grows with its tasks, but outstanding software is always subject to continuous development. For this reason bocad has always continuously updated the compounds which build the basis for the system and has furthermore decided to pursue a new path in the future which ensures the utilisation of the newest state-of-the-art software and post processor technology (64 bit, multiprocessor systems etc.).

The user interface of our CAD software has now been realised with Qt tools of version 4. This has an immediate effect on new presentation, zooming and window functionalities. The storage of the model has also been revised. This will enable the storage of even more extensive building projects and at the same time limit the memorised information to a minimum and therefore reduce memory requirements significantly – without abandoning the intelligence of the model.

Apart from the revision of bocad-3D the enhancements of version 22 are also worth mentioning. Most spectacular are the possibilities of freely formed, triangulated plates for spatially most complicated tasks not only for bridges, but also for roof and stair constructions. Significant facilitation now offered by a standard application is the possibility of laying floor elements such as gratings or stud plates fully automatically.

Further improvements to mention are that parametric bent plates can now be created even easier than before and they appear on drawings automatically with a correctly dimensioned section; that parts can be handled as unique parts of an assembly; that elements can be displayed as graphics instead of 3D images; that there are manifold new functions for bolts; that typified connections of steel constructions are now treated consistently according to DStV, SZS, DIN 18800 or EC3 and many more.

Let me mention with a particular emphasis our new welding seams which can now be given any characteristics and properties according to DIN, ISO or AWS. Certainly this also has its effects on the drawings on which welding seams can now be listed in an additional legend that can be generated automatically.

We hope that you take much pleasure in using this version and that your work will be successful.

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