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Cestusline Brings Top-Quality Materials and Intelligent Design to Construction Gloves

Working hands in construction, roofing, framing and related industries demand hand protection that prevents cuts, scrapes and blisters, with an ergonomic design that works with the hand instead of against it. Cestus has developed multiple high-dexterity gloves that feel and function like a second skin, while providing the protection that is needed in construction-related industries.

RockHard Original

The latest addition to our tradesman glove lineup, the RockHard Original, is a durable leather glove that has a goat-skin leather palm and back-of-hand protection. While goat-skin leather feels soft to the touch, it is more durable than other leathers and provides excellent tactile dexterity. Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) shields on the back of the fingers, thumb and knuckles flex with hand movement and protect from light impacts, abrasions and lacerations.


While designing gloves for construction-related industries, we noticed a trend in workers cutting off the tips of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of gloves for access to fingertips. This led us to develop the Three5 glove, which leaves the forefinger, middle finger and thumb exposed for picking up small objects like screws or nails. A one-piece anti-slip grip adds reinforced gripping power to the palm, while knuckle padding on the back protects from abrasions and lacerations. The Three5 has been a popular glove among framers, roofers and electricians, as the exposed fingertips allow the users to grasp small items and feel what they are working on.


As an alternative to the Three5 glove, the HandMax offers a full-fingered version with anti-slip grip that lines the palm and fingers. The anti-slip grip provides strong grip for slick or dry surfaces, and is reinforced with double stitching to ensure longevity. With form-fitting material on the back and an adjustable short cuff, the HandMax’s snug fit ensures tactile dexterity with the anti-slip grip.


Another high-dexterity option Cestus offers is the GenU II, which comes with a synthetic leather palm for tactile sensitivity. The synthetic leather palm has outperformed real leathers in abrasion resistance, when tested in our R&D lab and in the field, without sacrificing durability or comfort. Like the HandMax and Three5, the GenU II has form-fitting material on back and an adjustable cuff to ensure the glove fits snugly.

While the RockHard Original, Three5, HandMax and GenU II provide quality hand protection for construction and related industries, Cestus has many other options available that offer unique solutions to hand protection needs.

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