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EzyProfile Systems

Reusable Set Out Tools for Surveying Applications

The EzyProfile system is a new reusable set out tool for surveying applications on building sites.


The EzyProfile system is a new reusable set out tool for surveying applications on building sites.

Designed for builders, concreters, surveyors, plumbers (for slab set outs), and civil engineers and contractors, it can be used on flat, sloping or excavated faces, as well as vertical or horizontal walls.

The EzyProfile system combines innovative design and durable, high-quality materials, and is stored in a single easy-to-carry bag for easy transportation.

High-performance profile systems for surveying applications

The EzyProfile system replaces the heavy and often unreliable setup of timber, star stakes and screws with lightweight components to ensure consistently accurate measurements.

Weighing less than 23kg, the standard kit includes:

  • 16 stakes (1.000mm)
  • Eight profile rails
  • 16 safety caps
  • 16 profile rail slide markers
  • Two tripod centre locators
  • A level / staff holder, laser platform, and string line roll holder

All the equipment in the EzyProfile system is designed to withstand adverse elements and climates, so you no longer have to worry about constantly replacing components.

Replacement parts are readily available through the EzyProfile website.

Versatile and mobile profile systems for optimal efficiency

The EzyProfile system is made from high-quality fibreglass, aluminium and heavy-duty plastics to deliver a long-lasting performance while enhancing return on investment (ROI).

Its intuitive design and fully adjustable setup allows it to be used on any surface or at any angle, and can even be drilled into rock or concrete. It can also easily be adjusted to quickly produce accurate measurements.

The complete system can be moved and set up by one person, saving you the trouble of having other workers moving heavy materials and risking personal injury.

The EzyProfile system is ideal for anyone who has experienced problems related to loose materials or misplaced tools to ensure that profiles are built quickly and efficiently.

Secure fixtures for accurate measurements and profiles

The EzyProfile utilises a highly flexible system of rails and slide markers that can be set up in just minutes, reducing time from the job in the crucial initial stages.

All parts are securely locked into place by screw fasteners to enable precise measurements and an accurate profile, so there’s no need for any re-measuring and further adjustments.

About EzyProfile Systems

Initially developed by builders, the EzyProfile has been refined through applications in the construction industry over more than ten years.

There is more information on our website with usages in different site layouts. You can also find our online shop where the EzyProfile system is available for purchase along with a wide array of spare parts.