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Stainless steel is a versatile material with a timeless style and robustness. Carl Stahl products, including the I-SYS stainless-steel cable system, the X-TEND stainless-steel mesh and the POSILOCK hanging system, exploit the potential of stainless steel, enabling architects to transform their projects.

Stainless-steel architectural features

A truly innovative project needs experts to work together in a creative partnership. Carl Stahl offers bespoke, future-orientated stainless-steel products for constructors, designers and metalworkers. The company has extensive experience producing cables and mesh according to specified widths and diameters.

Through its established manufacturing processes, proven project management and highly qualified engineering department, Carl Stahl can turn your concepts into a reality. It also provides further services including consulting, planning, static analysis, delivery, installation and training.

Long experience with architectural wire rope

From natural fibre ropes for agriculture, to wire ropes for heavy loads, Carl Stahl has been a specialist in the field since 1880. The company also realised the potential to apply this technology to other situations, and around 20 years ago it moved into producing stainless-steel wire ropes and mesh for architectural and construction projects.

The company prides itself on its ability to fulfil clients’ concepts for stainless-steel wire ropes and mesh. Its products have been used in everything from simple balustrade infills to extensive zoo enclosures. Carl Stahl also plays an important role in the design, planning and statistical analysis of its clients’ projects, and can offer a complete package that also includes installation and training.

Stainless steel as a design element

Architects have long been aware of the wide range of potential uses for stainless-steel cables. The functional, durable and easy-to-install I-SYS range is the perfect example. It can be tailored to individual projects, and is versatile enough to be used in balustrade infill as well as highly-stressed suspension.

There are around a thousand fittings and accessories in the I-SYS range. Stainless-steel cables can be produced from 1mm to 26mm in diameter, and can be used to provide fall protection bracings, suspensions, canopies and green wall systems, among many other applications.

Stainless-steel wire mesh

Carl Stahl introduced its X-TEND stainless-steel wire mesh in 1990. It is a structural component that combines security and design elements. X-TEND wire mesh has been used in everything from building construction to zoo enclosures. It can also be used as railing filling, or as a free-standing element, or even as a vertical plant training aid on a building façade.

The mesh is lightweight, robust and transparent. It is made from stainless-steel cables and friction-proof pressed ferrules, which are attached to a load-bearing, flexible structure. The curve follows the opposite direction of the cables, which ensures that the X-TEND mesh is particularly robust and can handle heavy loads.

Green wall systems

Green façades are often used to embellish buildings, providing a visual highlight in built-up areas. In cities in particular, green walls are becoming a popular way to introduce natural elements into architecture. GREENCABLE systems are quick and easy to assemble. Their 4mm-thick cables are simply clamped into a wall bracket, enabling cost-effective construction.

Suspension and display system

Stainless-steel cables can also provide a creative and elegant way to present suspended architectural elements within a building. The POSILOCK system includes hooks, screws, stainless-steel pins, cables, joints, sleeves, tracks, various mounts and magnets, in addition to the basic cable tensioning and anchoring elements.

By combining these with additional elements in the areas of, for example, product presentation, shelf systems, and ceiling and floor attachments, clients can create innovative solutions that meet their requirements.

Experts in stainless-steel cable systems

Potential applications for stainless-steel cable systems in architecture are extremely diverse. Carl Stahl works closely with its clients to achieve the desired system. The company offers strong project support and can even take care of the entire planning, if required.

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