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ertex solar

Photovoltaic Solutions for Renewable Buildings

ertex solar provides photovoltaic solutions for renewable buildings. The company's solar panels produce electric energy that can be integrated into facades, skylights, balcony rails and conservatories.

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Ertex photovoltaic cells

ertex solar provides building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions for renewable buildings. Our solar panels produce electricity that can be integrated into façades, skylights, balcony rails and conservatories.

Functions can be customised, depending to each installation of an insulated glass unit, brise soleil or overhead glazing. There is a range of different sizes, shapes and colours available, which are built in laminated safety glass.

Photovoltaic panels for glass façades

ertex solar is well-known for its production capacity when it comes to maximum dimensions. Dimensions above 4m are required to cover glass façades.

A panel size with extreme dimensions of 3m x 4m, for example, was used for the energy cube for municipality utility company Stadtwerke Konstanz in Germany.

To accommodate larger areas, ertex solar panels are available in sizes up to 3m x 6m.

Colourful photovoltaic backs sheets and interlayers

In addition to the basic colours of blue and black, there is a wide range of colours available. Colourful back sheets or interlayers provide our customers with flexible options.

ertex solar is investing in a major R&D programme on how homogeneity combined with a greater variety can be achieved, which measures the electrical performance of such colour changes.

Semitransparent photovoltaic panels

Panels with standard cells provide only 15% transparency from light that shines through gaps between the cells. By increasing the distance between the cells, this transparency rate will also increase.

Another possibility is to install ‘semitransparent cells’, which have smaller holes. With similar power rates to standard cells, better transparency results can be reached. Another semitransparent photovoltaic is thin-film see-through technology, such as Opac panels, which are treated with a laser and offer transparency of up to 50%.

Bended photovoltaic panels

Bended glass-to-glass panels are also available for special architectural requirements. The minimum radius is approximately 2m and it is important that the right glass is chosen for the bending process.

Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions

The shortcut for integration of photovoltaic into buildings is known in the industry as building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions.
This means that electricity production and other functions are achievable, such as a building skin, a thermal-insulated glass unit, shading device and fall prevention.

About ertex solar

ertex solar was founded in 2004. One of our main investors is Ertl Glas, which has vast experience in glass manufacturing. Therefore, ertex solar combines glass and photovoltaic experience to deliver the best solutions for each building.

If you are interested in what ertex solar has to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ertex Architecturally Integrated Photovoltaics

ertex provides a wide range of designs and colours for photovoltaic cells, so improving your energy efficiency does not need to mean compromising on aesthetic quality. The company is committed to providing products that can be used as part of the initial architectural design of a building.

Economic Analysis of PV Shading Systems in Façade Construction

When we are talking about BIPV solutions, the phrase "multifunctionality" always appears. Beside design, energy production, weather protection etc. also the function as a shading device is mentioned. But detailed considerations about the quality and the quantity of the shading solutions are rare.

Astana Expo City 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture will design Astana Expo City 2017 in preparation for an international expo being held in Astana, Kazakhstan, in 2017.

Olympic Unity House, Lausanne, Switzerland

Olympic Unity House, the new headquarters of the International Olympic Committee, has been designed by 3XN Architects and is under construction in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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