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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The countdown has started to the opening if the world’s first Ferrari theme park on October 28th. With more than 20 rides and attractions lying beneath the iconic 200,000m² roof, Ferrari World will host attractions like the world’s fastest roller coaster which reaches speeds of 240kmph, and the world’s largest Ferrari gallery outside Maranello.

Benoy architects designed the Ferrari-red roof inspired by the classic body shell of the legendary Ferrari GT. Euramax has supplied the red and silver pre-coated aluminium. The combination of high-gloss colours and a harsh environment with salt (sea), sand (desert) and high UV impact (sun) meant a challenge for the Euramax technicians. The EuraBuild PVDF four-layer paint system was subsequently chosen.

With a total surface comparable to over 30 football pitches the roof is also the biggest roof in coated aluminium worldwide.

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