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Colour-Effect Glass in Architecture: Inspiring Discussions at the Leading European Architects’ Forum

Visual phenomena, such as changing, multi-coloured reflections on glass facades, or colour moods in interiors that change with the angle of incidence of the light, or a colour that is not perceived by viewers until they change their position, are hard to describe in words. They have to be seen and experienced.

The 12th forum of leading European architects, which took place from 12 -14 September this year in Amsterdam, offered this opportunity to the 70 architects and architects’ companies that took part in the event.

After they presented their projects at the start, they were able to use the second part of the event to talk about appropriate and sometimes innovative ways of achieving these phenomena, with between six and eight of the 24 manufacturers and suppliers of materials who were present.

Those who spoke to Peter Röhlen, CEO of Prinz Optics GmbH, Stromberg, were able to see and experience the unique properties of VarioTrans colour-effect glass and furthermore receive relevant information on its possible uses and processing.

This glass was undoubtedly a highlight of the forum, which resulted in a correspondingly high level of interest from the architects: a clear glass that reflects white light using an extremely thin, optically transparent interference coating and transmits the complementary colour.

Many additional contacts were made beyond the six discussions with architects arranged by the organiser. In particular, those who had been unaware of VarioTrans were fascinated by the phenomenal colour effects and the wide ranges of possible uses of this "wonder glass".

Its use in the construction of a museum in Lisbon was discussed, as well as its use in the design of an impressive villa, in room dividers, for furnishing an indoor swimming pool and, last but not least, the use of VarioTrans, in a Ground Zero project in New York. Subjects that make keeping in contact worthwhile.

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