New Prinz Optics Technology Enables Dichroic Glass to be Integrated in Normal Glass Surfaces

The manufacturer of VarioTrans® colour-effect glass, Prinz Optics, has developed a production technology that allows dichroic glass to be combined with normal glass in a glass surface.

Using dichroic glass (from the Greek ‘dikhroos’ = having two colours), almost any colour of the spectrum can be generated from light, both additive colours (red, green, blue) and subtractive colours (yellow, magenta, cyan). The ability of this special glass to generate intensive, variable colours from light – depending on the respective angle of incident light and angle of view – is based on an extremely thin, mineral coating on the glass. Until now, only fully coated panes of glass have been available.

The new technology opens up to architects and designers a wide range of possible decorative and artistic uses of colour-effect glass. Now, dichroic colours can be limited to defined areas of a normal glass surface. Colour-effect glass in any form or size, arranged as a mosaic or designed as lettering, can make standard normal glass surfaces a fascinating eye-catcher.

As the minimum thickness of VS glass with embedded colour-effect glass is just 12mm, this new combination is particularly suitable for designing glass doors and furnishing elements (such as glass tables) with attractive effects through the interplay of colour.

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