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VarioGlass Colour-Effect Glass Accessories Now Available from Prinz Optics

When items made from colourless, transparent glass appear at one moment to have a strong colour, only to change into multiple colours at the next when viewed from a different angle – then these are the new, beautiful items made from VarioGlass.

This ‘wonder glass’ is dichroic (from the Greek dikhroos = having two colours); i.e. it has the ability to obtain its colour from the light by which it is illuminated. It reflects specific wavelengths whilst allowing others to pass through. This effect depends, on the one hand, on the angle at which the light hits the glass surface, and on the other on the angle of view of the observer. Thus the glass is simultaneously colourless or coloured, transparent or reflective.

This fascinating play of colour in the glass is thanks to an extremely thin, mineral layer that coats the glass. Like a prism, it splits the incident light into the colours of the spectrum. Which colours are filtered and which are reflected depends on the composition of the coating.

Until modern times, what was managed by nature only in pearls and rare volcanic glass had remained the secret of medieval Venetian glass artists. Only in the 1980s did NASA develop dichroic glass, also called interference filters. It was used to protect highly-sensitive aerospace instruments and the eyes of astronauts from the risks of cosmic radiation.

We can thank a NASA engineer who was impressed with the beauty of the colours of light for allowing this material into the hands of artists, architects and designers.

Today, dichroic glass is used everywhere in the world in the design of glass facades, glass roofs and interior design. Numerous artists also use colour-effect glass manufactured by the company Prinz Optics for their sculptures and installations.

The company ‘VarioGlass’ is now presenting a ‘collection of lovely things’ under the same name, which are made from this unique and high-quality glass: attractive accessories, which put a new, colourful stamp on the home.

Please contact Prinz Optics to find out more.

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