Stone Materials for the Construction Industry

Via Napoleone - Frazione Ponton, 37015 - Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella - VERONA,Other, Italy

Via Napoleone - Frazione Ponton, 37015 - Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella - VERONA,Other, Italy

For the past 40 years Verona-based Quarella Group has established itself as an undisputed leader in the composite stone sector thanks to conspicuous investments in sophisticated state-of-the-art technology and exhaustive research and development efforts.

Stone materials for the construction industry

The group carries out various production activities in five factories. The finished stone products are distributed in over 80 countries worldwide, and through its two research and development centres, working alongside the commercial and production departments, focuses on achieving new designs and production systems.

In its laboratories, an expert team of technicians are dedicated full-time to the development of the technical and physical performance characteristics of the products, as well as the study of their design, texture and colour in order to obtain the best products possible.

Block-hardening technology for stone products

The Q ZERO technology, developed by Quarella’s internal R&D laboratories, has created a new and exclusive process applicable to both EVO and marble-based blocks, which combines the best technical performance characteristics with the latest principles of environmental compatibility.

Q ZERO acts at the heart of the production process, during the curing phase where the reticulation of the resin results in the block hardening. In this phase the adoption of a particular bonding agent, and above all else the exclusive procedure for the hardening of the block that takes place in different phases, in distinct holding areas and with different monitored temperatures, minimises any possibility of non-complete curing.

As a consequence, the Q ZERO technology minimises the possible emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) after the completion of the hardening process while at the same time improving the technical and physical performance characteristics (flextural strength, alkaline aggression resistance) of the blocks and the finished products derived from them.

Laboratory tests show that Q ZERO reduces residual emission of VOCs to one hundredth of the values obtained when compared with traditional production systems. Hence any reactive substance in the product will be virtually eradicated, eliminating the emission of volatile substances both in the atmosphere and through water wash-out.

Composite stone for furniture surfaces

As a result of the application of the new technology developed, Quarella launched a new and innovative product on the market. This product is highly innovative and re-enforces Quarella’s position as a world leader in composite stone. EVO can be considered the perfect evolution for furniture surfaces, due to its technical characteristics and above all to the colour features that are developed on a regular basis.

Silica dust for construction

EVO is made of silica dust, like the most well known quartz engineered stone, and guarantees excellent resistance to the most common acids (minimum water absorption and therefore reduced staining probability), as well as to scratches.

EVO is produced in blocks from which Quarella cuts 123 x 305cm and 78x305cm slabs. The standard thickness is 1.2cm – 2cm or 3cm. However, even thicker slabs are available on special request. Tiles of various sizes are available in EVO.

With the aim of assuring its presence for a long time, thanks to its clear aesthetic qualities, in a wide range of new and innovative textures, the current EVO’s range has reached 13 different colours and textures.

EVO is made of extremely fine silica dust, the product a modern and elegant look that is very similar to natural stone, like Quarella’s Flair range. EVO is available in a standard polished and in a matt velvet finish, which is unique and gives the product a warm and attractive appearance.


Via Napoleone - Frazione Ponton

37015 - Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella - VERONA



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