Resin Bonded Surfaces Introduces New Water Permeable Paving Product - Verdict Designbuild
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Resin Bonded Surfaces Introduces New Water Permeable Paving Product

Following a successful year in 2009 Resin Bonded Surfaces Ltd is pleased to announce the introduction of a new surface that not only reduces our impact on the environment it also reduces the impact on our clients finances.

AquaPave is a Water Permeable paving system utilizing our Resin Bound Gravel system in conjunction with an ultra strong honeycomb substrate made from re-cycled plastic. This paving system is ultra light, can be installed directly over sharp sand, removes the need for concrete or asphalt substrates and can be installed very quickly. A small team of installers can supply & install upto 500m² of AquaPave in a single day.

AquaPave will save clients thousands of pounds in labour and material costs whilst at the same time reducing the impact on the environment through improved water management.

At present the ideal use for AquaPave is pedestrian areas and path’s. Throughout 2010 we will be testing its suitability for use in areas where vehicle traffic is required. If you have a project requiring vehicle traffic where you would like to us to trial this system we will be happy to hear from you. We will carry up to three trial projects out at 70% of the normal installation price.

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