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Introducing the ALIMAK SCANDO 450

Skellefteå, 16 March, 2006: The new ALIMAK SCANDO 450 is a total upgrade of the ALIMAK CH construction hoist range first launched in 1998. Over 600 units of the CH range have been delivered and the modernisation program encompassing new technology further strengthens the light and medium ranges of construction hoists. ALIMAK SCANDO 450 offers improved comfort with greater productivity and accessibility. Fuse ratings from 35A for a 1,100kg capacity car gives low energy consumption. The economical choice for fleet-owners and renters!

“This upgrade has many advantages that our customers will benefit from. Components, accessories and spare parts can now be coordinated between the ranges,” says Mats Hedlund, sales and marketing manager, Alimak AB.

SCANDO 450 offers greater efficiency and improved durability, with lower energy consumption and reduced cost of ownership. Accessibility is improved by the use of the new microprocessor based control system, ALC II, which can solve many site logistic problems. For example, the system reduces waiting times by storing all calls from the landings and sending the hoist that is logistically nearest to a landing to pick up passengers.

SCANDO 450 also gets a new frequency control unit (FC), with closed-loop, which gives very smooth starting and stopping with low starting current and less wear and tear.

The hoist has already been on display in Australia, at the National Construction Exhibition in Sydney, where visitors got a first preview.


The ALIMAK SCANDO 450 passenger / materials hoists travel on strong but lightweight, galvanised masts. The hoists can be used in single or dual car configurations. With the new generation FC, the performance and comfort are improved. The new ALC II brings both efficiency and ease of use.

ACL II benefits:

  • S.N.L or collective control for up to 64 landings
  • Group control for up to six construction hoists
  • Only one call station per landing needed
  • Optimal use of car travelling / loading times
  • Accurate floor levelling
  • Fault diagnostics system
  • Easily configurable between different types of control systems, and car door / ramp alternatives
  • No limit cams at intermediate landings needed
  • Quick installation
  • Rigid and modular design

Frequency controlled electric motor benefits:

  • Improved comfort, smooth starting and stopping
  • Better stopping accuracy
  • Less wear on brakes
  • Hoist speed can be reduced during installation and inspection
  • Higher speed

Technical specifications:

  • Payload capacity: up to 2,000kg
  • Speed: 0-54m/min
  • Max. lifting height: 150m (increased lifting height on request)
  • No. of motors: 1-2
  • Safety device type: GF
  • Power supply range: 380V-500V, 50Hz or 60Hz, 3-phase
  • Fuses: 25A, 35A, 63A and 80A
  • Type of mast: 450
  • Length mast section: 1,508m
  • Weight of mast section with one rack: 68kg

Car dimensions (internal):

  • Width: 1.4m
  • Length: 2.0m-3.2m
  • Height: 2.13m

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