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Alimak Access Lifts Improve Cement Plant Efficiency

Alimak rack and pinion industrial lifts maintains overhaul, maintenance and inspection services for cement plants all over the world. The lifts are designed to operate in demanding industrial environments, outdoors or indoors and need no expensive shafts or lift rooms. They can easily be fitted on new as well as existing structures.

Alimak Hek was the first lift manufacturer in the world to introduce the rack and pinion drive technology. It has delivered over 30 000 rack and pinion systems worldwide to a wide range of industrial locations during more than 55 years in the business.

Modern cement plants are highly automated facilities operated by a fairly limited staff. In the simplest terms, plant demands three forms of action to ensure a cost efficient and trouble free life: regular maintenance, scheduled services and appropriate repairs. Each action, when properly and regularly undertaken reduces the time and money spent on the next stage. The time spent on preventive maintenance eases the task of servicing which in turn can eliminate unscheduled break-downs, shutdowns and repair work that create a drain on the operator’s resources.

Easy access to the right spots is often of vital importance to monitor and service key processes in cement plants. Alimak Hek has supplied the international cement industry with permanently installed lifts since 1975.The lifts are used on silos, bagging facilities, cyclone towers and other structures to improve productivity, workers’ satisfaction and safety.


The Alimak rack and pinion drive system offers a number of advantages over wire rope and hydraulic lifts that can be translated into substantial economic benefits. They are designed for demanding industrial environments. No expensive machine room is required as the lift carries its own machinery and no load bearing lift shaft is required. Installations can be inside or outside buildings and also on curved or inclined surfaces.

The lifts can easily be retrofitted to existing structures and have a very narrow and streamlined profile, which is invaluable where space is at a premium. A simple drive principle means easier maintenance and lower service costs and there is practically no restriction in lifting height.


The Alimak rack and pinion lift has obvious advantages over traction lifts. One very important feature is that in case of a power outage, the car can slide back to the nearest landing by gravity at controlled speed using the centrifugal brake. If the rated speed is exceeded, the car is stopped automatically by a safety device.


The lift car and drive system are completely assembled, wired and tested at the factory before delivery. This ready-to-use package ensures fast installation as time consuming and expensive corrective measures at the jobsite are avoided.

Alimak is part of the world wide Alimak Hek Group, specialists in rack and pinion driven systems for vertical transportation. The Alimak product line comprise permanent industrial lifts, construction hoists and equipment for underground mining and civil engineering.

The Alimak equipment is available through a world-wide network of Alimak Hek sales companies, regional offices and distributors. This means that spare parts and skilled service personnel are at hand all over the world. Alimak obtained ISO 9001 quality certification in 1993 and its products meet or exceed the most stringent code requirements.



The Modular Access and Goods/Passenger Lift Range. Is mainly intended for transportation of men and materials at service and inspection work.

Technical Data:

  • Payload capacity: 300–2,400 kg
  • Speed: up to 1.0m/s
  • Lifting height: up to 250m with standard accessories


Lifts that can be customised for the most varying purposes e.g. inclined, explosion protected, etc.

Technical Data:

  • Payload capacity: customised (biggest so far is 24,000 kg)
  • Speed: up to 1.0m/s
  • Lifting height: practically unlimited (highest so far is 645m)

Alimak lifts and hoists have been installed on some of the world’s most prominent projects such as The Statue of Liberty, New York; The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame; The Arc de Triomphe, Paris; the CN Tower, Toronto; the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Folkestone; the Royal Opera House, London; the Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur; the 101-building, Taipei and on many suspension and cable-stayed bridges the world over.

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