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Introducing High-Speed To The Alimak Scando 650 Construction Hoist Range

With the introduction of the fully modular ALIMAK SCANDO 650 construction hoist at Bauma 2004, Alimak Hek set a new industry standard for improved performance, durability and intelligent control paired with reduced cost of ownership. Now we make the Alimak Scando family complete by adding a high-speed model to the 650 line-up: the ALIMAK SCANDO 650 FC-S.

With a speed of up to 100m/min, it matches the existing market-leading high-speed hoist – Alimak Scando Super – and surpasses it by raising the maximum lifting height from 250m to 400m without reducing payload or require reinforced mast. For heights exceeding 400m, the data will be specified as per actual project demand.

Adding Speed to the 650 Success

The 650 concept has been a huge success, combining productivity, reliability and a cost-saving modular system with improved ergonomics and up to 40% decreased power consumption.

With the introduction of ALIMAK SCANDO 650 FC-S, customers can add high-speed to the benefits of owning an Alimak Scando 650 hoist, consequently further increasing productivity and saving time and money.

Compatible with all 650 modules

The ALIMAK SCANDO 650 FC-S has no counter weight, and can use the whole line of modules and additions available for the Alimak Scando 650 family. It can be configured (or delivered) with standard modules to suit all known project demands for vertical access – from low to extreme high rise buildings.

“As a Scando 650 owner you are able to add new features according to need. We know that speed and reliability are increasingly important features in large and complex building projects. Now true high-speed is a part of the 650 family. This further strengthens our position as the market leader,” says Anders Nilsson, after-sales manager.

More information on the new ALIMAK SCANDO 650 FC-S will be available at Bauma 2007. Visit us at stand F11.1102/6

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