Universal Builders Supply Adds Mammoth Alimak Cars to Fleet in NYC

The Alimak SCANDO 650 FC-S XL construction hoists have successfully delivered men and materials on many construction projects around the world and Universal Builder Supply in New York has added three dual hoist cars to its fleet of Alimak hoists.

Purchased were three high speed dual hoist systems. Two with a car size of 1.5m wide x 5.5m long x 2.8m high, a speed of 100 m/min (328f.p.m.) and 3,200 kg (7,000lbs) payload capacity and one dual 1.5 m wide x 4.9m long x 3.2m high a speed of 100 m/min (328f.p.m.) and 3200 kg (7,000 lbs) capacity.

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