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Italian Engineered Wood Flooring

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40013 Trebbo di Reno (BO),

Gazzotti is an Italian leader in the wood flooring industry. Established in 1910, Gazzotti is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2010. Based in Italy, Gazzotti Group operates two plants in Italy, in Bologna and Arezzo, Tuscany. The company has been manufacturing parquet in Italy for over 100 years and its engineered, prefinished wooden floors are today distributed in over 40 countries.

Residential and commercial engineered and prefinished wooden floor products

Gazzotti markets an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial engineered and prefinished wooden floor products under the brand names Gazzotti and Idee & Parquet. Available in an array of looks, finishes and size, they are expertly made in Italy using the finest European and exotic wood species.

Gazzotti does not market low-quality products. Even the entry level wooden flooring comes with high-quality standard and a very good value for money, while higher-end wooden flooring offers more exotic wood species and specialty products in size, design and colour.

No matter what type of flooring customers and designers are looking for, Gazzotti has a floor to fit their lifestyle. Both can be confident that they will not only find a floor that fits their style, but one that will maintain its beauty for years to come. Gazzotti wood flooring makes a home more attractive, and may actually add value to it. Fine wood floors have a wow factor for home buyers. All of Gazzotti wood floors are very easy and fast to lay down. Strips and narrow planks are to be glue down, while wide planks can also be laid down floating.

Quality in design and technology, as well as respect for the environment, are central to all that the company does. Based on a green approach, innovation and product development at Gazzotti are geared to developing design products with less environmental impact, to reducing risks to the environment and to making wooden floors safer in production, installation and use throughout their lifetime.

Two-layer engineered wood flooring with pre-finished natural oil effect

All Vintage products are two-layer engineered floors. Vintage has an exclusive and innovative micro-pores oil effect finish with an extraordinary natural look, resistance and easy maintenance. Its brushed finish, the charm of five different sizes, and the warmth of aged versions combine to make up a unique design. Nine wood species and twelve colour finishing on oak top layer for a range of twenty one colours and shades to meet the aesthetic needs of customers and designers.

Wear-resistant engineered prefinished (varnished) wood floor

All Extraresistent products are two-layer engineered floors to be glued down, with an exclusive finish that makes them particularly attractive in look and more resistant to scratch and wear and tear. This line features a wide range of products: fourteen wood species, three sizes and two thicknesses.

Modern prefinished wood flooring

Fashion products are two-layer engineered floors to be glued down. They are stained in stylish and modern colour shades to be attractive and exclusive. They make it possible to create unique floors.

Solid outdoor (decking) wood floors

The Free Time range of solid outdoor decking wood floors consists of:

  • Planks made of ash thermic and Ipé for laying on floating support profiles with retractable clips or visible screws
  • Tiles made of Ipé for floating layout

Wood flooring accessories

Gazzotti provides accessories for all of its types of wood flooring:

  • EG ECO, single-component glue for all types of wood flooring and screed; ready for use, solvent free, low VOC emission.
  • Thresholds
  • Stair profiles / Nosings
  • Skirting boards
  • Maintenance products

Certifications and Quality System

The Gazzotti quality system is certified according to the UNI EN ISO standard. All Gazzotti products are CE labelled, which means they comply with high and strict quality standards according to the European Union law, and their VOC level is well below the strictest international standards. Gazzotti is both a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) than a PEFC (Programme of Forest For Endorsement Certification Schemes) certified company, i.e. the company acts in compliance with the chain of custody accredited by these green leading international organization. Gazzotti raw material (wood) procurement policy tends to privilege sustainable managed forests. Products are traced from wood origin and source through the distribution process. Gazzotti is a member of the Green Building Council of Italy and is undergoing LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification process.

Wood flooring pre-sale, sale and after sale services

  • Assistance on choosing the right product
  • Assistance and special quotation for contracts and projects
  • Samples on request
  • Price list and catalogues in eight languages
  • Customer care in nine languages
  • Technical documentation always available
  • Free product booking. Booked products are kept in Gazzotti warehouse for one month, free of charge, so they do not need to invest money in stock
  • Split deliveries
  • Managing of deliveries
  • Short delivery time. 95% of Gazzotti products are available on stock and ready to ship
  • Marketing support: merchandising and promotions (sell-in and sell-out)
  • Technical assistance and Laboratory Test
  • Reordering management. For products in stock, Gazzotti Export Team will find suitable tone and sizes in case of reordering
  • Sales staff training
  • Exhibition and fair support

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