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Home Safeguard Industries is the worlds’ leading manufacturer of aerosol smoke alarm testers. Introduced in 1979, 25S Smoke Check™ is the original and still the best product for testing smoke detectors. HSI has built a global presence serving the commercial fire alarm and security industries with our patented test tools and aerosols including Smoke Check™ Smoke Detector Tester™, and NEW CoCheck™, Heat Detector Tester™ and the Versa-Tools™ professional line of test equipment.

Smoke Check™ Smoke Detector Tester™ is UL/ULC Listed and approved by virtually all commercial alarm manufacturers for use on their detectors. It is the most reliable, economical, and effective way to functionally test for smoke entry and meet NFPA 72 and local fire code test requirements.

Smoke Check™ Smoke Detector Tester™ remains the preferred choice of fire safety experts worldwide. Smoke Check™ works with all smoke detector brands and types of optical or ionization detectors. Our patented, proven formula is safe on sensors, non toxic and 100% ozone safe. 25S Smoke Check™ Smoke Detector Tester is ‘Green Friendly’ and always has been. This product is compliant with the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols as well as all of the California restrictions.

Co Check™, Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester

Available since 1997, CoCheck™, Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester. Reformulated in 2008 and released as a 100% all-natural aerosol tester, containing only materials found in the air we breathe. Designed to test all wall and ceiling mounted carbon monoxide detectors. CoCheck™ has been designed to work with all Versa-Tools™ Enclosed Delivery test kits as well as the self testing units utilizing the small straw actuator.!

Heat Detector Tester™

Another reliable test product is our Heat Detector Tester™ for testing all rate of rise and rate of rise/fixed temperature combination heat detectors in the 135-190 degrees range. Heat Detector Tester™ is UL Listed. The totally portable, lightweight tester uses an exclusive, disposable heat pad activated by a saline solution as the heat source that is safe, non-toxic, and cost effective. Now you can do away with ladders, heat guns, hair dryers, and costly and cumbersome battery back type units. Versa-Tools™ professional line of test equipment, released in 2004, provides a variety of Open and Enclosed Delivery testing kits with maximum reach of 34ft. (plus height of man). Also available is the UL Listed 1490 Spray Adapter. Using the 1490 helps to better control the aerosol spray particularly in turbulent air conditions. The 18in tube keeps the aerosol at a safe distance from the detector eliminating a direct spray of the sensors.

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HSI Fire & Safety Group’s 1490™ Aerosol Adapter

'Don't take a stab in the dark' when choosing tools for testing smoke, heat and carbon monoxide. Some claim a new technology; however the professional knows the 1490 Aerosol Adapter has been available since 1994. Preferred world-wide by technicians, AHJ and Fire Marshalls, the 1490 has been UL li

HSI Fire and Safety Group Releases CoCheck Carbon Monoxide Tester

HSI Fire and Safety Group, the world's leading manufacturer of testing products and tools for smoke, heat and carbon monoxide testing, has announced the release of its 2009 CoCheck™ carbon monoxide tester. CoCheck has been available since 1997, but last year the company reformulat

HSI Fire & Safety Group Announces New Management Team

Medinah Partners, LLC, parent of HSI Fire & Safety Group, LLC announces today the appointment of the new General Manager and the new Sales and Distribution Manager of its HSI Fire & Safety division. Mr. Jack Ackerman, a member of the Medinah Partners, has stepped down as Preside

HSI Fire & Safety Group

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