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Tanalised Pressure-Treated Timber Used to Recreate Roman Fort

For centuries a Roman settlement has stood on the shores of the Rhine at Xanten, Germany, originally built to guard the northern border of the Roman Empire.

Now a reconstruction of the original Roman fort, manufactured from Tanalised pressure treated timber, has created a magnificent playground village and provides a prime example of a high quality treated wood construction that will really stand the test of time.

The open air museum “Archeological Parc Xanten” represents the original Roman village and over 100 m³ of preservative treated pine timbers have been used in its construction. The project was first started in 2005 but then closed in 2007 after parts of the structure collapsed due to decay.

On investigation, the original timbers had been poorly treated but the Parc owners were determined to try again, this time with improved design considerations and very best preservative protection available. A comparative test was made with all major wood preservatives on the German market, looking for good uptakes, penetration and overall quality. Tanalith E was chosen as the best alternative.

The whole preservative treatment process for the new timbers was supervised by an independent expert and new design features were introduced. Pole tops have been capped with plastic caps, horizontal roundwood components have been incised on the underside to reduce any splitting of the wood and joints in the roof construction are protected with a roof-fleece to help prevent moisture ingress.

The whole Tanalised timber structure is covered by a 25 year warranty, creating a safe, durable and beautiful playground experience.

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