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Allaeys LED Instruments

LED Lighting Systems

Wortegemseweg 121,

Allaeys LED Instruments develops and manufactures high-quality LED lighting, as well as the hardware and software required to control LED colour changes. Together with architects and study offices we try to find the appropriate LED concepts for indoor and outdoor use. In large, unique and challenging projects Allaeys LED Instruments helps to find the ideal LED solution.

Thanks to professional engineering of its own control techniques, Allaeys LED Instruments can realise personalised and customised projects. As an OEM manufacturer Allaeys LED Instruments offers product developers original LED concepts which they can integrate into their products.

Our standard LED range can be purchased at lighting stores. We also offer the required technical and commercial support. Every product developed by Allaeys LED Instruments is supplied with a CE-approval certificate guaranteeing its quality. Moreover, Allaeys LED Instruments wants to continue to extend its distribution system and always seeks new LED lighting distributors and installers to work with. Allaeys LED Instruments lightens up your way of living, working and feeling.

LEDs for structural lighting projects

Most of the time Allaeys LED Instruments works with study offices or architects. Together we try to find the best solution for every individual project. With the lighting scheme made by the architect or the study office, Allaeys LED Instruments helps to create innovative lighting projects.

Allaeys LED Instruments relies on a perfect integration of light and LED. This results in a concept that creates a warm ambiance that is pleasant to live in.

LED concept development

Together with architects or study offices Allaeys LED Instruments has realised many architectural lighting projects. Allaeys LED Instruments cares for the overall realisation of these projects. It is our task to learn about the customer’s functional, budgetary and aesthetic wishes. We can also offer a creative solution corresponding to the customer’s specific needs.

LED lighting technology

Allaeys LED Instruments believes in LED technology and its many advantages. LED lighting is not only eco-friendly and extremely durable, there are many other reasons why one should opt for LEDs.

Ambient LED lighting

Thanks to the colour-changing techniques (RGB LEDs) you can endlessly enjoy a wide colour range. These RGB LEDs combine three different colours in one LED for endless application possibilities. LED lighting can be used in many applications, both indoor and outdoor.

Long-lasting LED lighting

With an average life of approximately 50,000 hours, LED lighting doesn’t need to be replaced that often. Halogen lights usually only work for some 3,000 hours. LEDs have no filament which is the part that often breaks in traditional lighting features.

Energy-saving LED lighting

Our LED lighting saves up to 85% of energy. LED lighting uses a low voltage and is therefore an extreme energy saver. Compared to conventional incandescent and halogen lamps, LED lamps use far less electricity. A year of constant LED lamp use costs only €2. This is much less than for a traditional incandescent lamp of which the use easily amounts to €50.

LED lighting with minimal heat-spread

LED lighting produces very little heat, thus guaranteeing to be a child-friendly and fireproof lighting. Shockproof LED lamps are almost unbreakable (and extremely shockproof).

UV or IR radiation-free LED lighting

LED lighting gives off no UV or IR radiation. Therefore LED lighting is extremely appropriate for textile applications (no more discolouration) or to illuminate ancient objects in museums.

Colour therapy or chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is an ancient technique based on the principle that colours are sources of energy producing electromagnetic waves that are absorbed by the human body and cause physical as well as emotional reactions. The basic colours that are used in this technique are:

  • Red – vital energy, power, dynamics, vitality
  • Orange / amber – health, energy, promotes mental concentration
  • Yellow – brightness, relief, wisdom, essential energy
  • Green – hope, trust, strength, stability, calm
  • Indigo blue – metamorphosis
  • Violet – meditation, mental awareness or relief
  • Blue – serenity, sensibility, meditation, despite the cold colour the radiation has a soothing effect

Wilshire Grand Centre, Los Angeles, US

The Wilshire Grand Centre is a large-scale, urban mixed-use project developed at the site of the former Wilshire Grand Hotel, in downtown Los Angeles, US.

Signature Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia

Signature Tower is a proposed 638m-high skyscraper that will be built in Jakarta, Indonesia. The tower is expected to be the tallest building in south-east Asia upon its completion and the fifth tallest in the world.

Allaeys LED Instruments

Wortegemseweg 121