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Interior and Exterior Architectural Parts

Bruag offers a wide range of architectural components for exterior and interior design applications.

Bahnhofstrasse 8,
CH-8594 Güttingen,

Bruag offers a wide range of architectural components for exterior and interior design applications.

Our portfolio also provides customised perforations, sizing and configurations.

Custom-made architectural components

Bruag supplies customised panels for back-ventilated and perforated facades, as well as balcony balustrades and complete balcony acoustics solutions for exterior applications.

For interiors, we offer room dividers, wall cladding, stair railings and room acoustics.

We recommend using weatherproof, high-pressure laminate material and highly dense particle boards for exterior applications, in addition to fibreboard and oak plywood for internal applications. If you prefer to use a different material, just let us know and we can go through the possibilities with you.

Laser-enabled, customised designs

Bruag’s laser technology allows us to offer customised designs, which provide a building with a unique character.

Each element is accurately designed to your specifications, cut to the nearest millimetre in accordance with your requirements, and coated in one of more than 3,000 available ultraviolet (UV) resistant colour tones.

Panel edges are also coated in your colour of choice from the RAL, NCS S, Bruag Alu or Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier ranges.

Innovative design technologies

Bruag is always looking for new materials and applications to complement our range of products to enable us to respond to any potential issues.

We also use state-of-the-art machines to create a high-quality product that aligns with your own individual specifications.

About Bruag

As a first-generation family-owned company, Bruag delivers reliable solutions and a highly flexible service while guaranteeing the quality of our branded products.

We aim to give you as much choice with as few limitations as possible. Based on this principle, it is possible to create products that differ from the standard. As a small medium-sized enterprise (SME), we can easily accommodate individual customer requirements.

We also help you to find a suitable solution for each individual project without relying on old concepts.

Further information on our products and specific past projects can be found on our website.

CELLON Balcony Balustrades

Are you looking for a stylish, semi-transparent balcony balustrade? Thanks to the complete freedom of design offered by laser cutting, the amount of light that is permitted to pass through our semi-transparent balustrades can be adapted to suit residents’ requirements in a completely bespoke manner. What is more, this can be achieved using CELLON, a completely weatherproof material. Balustrades that can be made to match your design concepts – exactly.

CELLON Perforated Facade Cladding

A building as individual as its owner? Delicately perforated facade elements quickly make a building eye-catching. The balustrades made by Bruag from solid core panels using flexible laser-cutting technology and employing an enormous range of colours will enable you to give your building an individual feel too – without going to any great lengths.

Room Acoustics Systems

‘I’m sorry, what did you say?’ This shouldn’t happen to you. Customized Bruag Acoustics Solutions unify design, functionality and lighting.

Room Dividers and Wall Cladding

Have you not succeeded in finding a wall cladding that exactly matches your design ideas? No need to despair. We offer customized wall elements that fit your personal requirements, such that the shapes, perforations and colours are totally individual.

CELLON Shading Screens

Perforated Bruag facade panels can be used as sliding shutters, providing a special ambience, both day and night. The exquisite perforations give rise to a whole variety of lighting patterns, depending on the time of day and the angle of sunlight.

The Natural Environment as a Model

Well-known Lucerne architectural firm Tripol Architekten AG has taken nature as its model and has opted for perforated Bruag balcony balustrades.

Perforation Density Befitting the Requirements

The fact that every single panel can have a different design enables the planner to adapt the density of the perforation pattern as befits the function of any given location within a room.

Perforated Panels in Urban Environment

The goal is ambitious: following the example of hip areas in the western metropolises of New York, London and Paris, the Dome Theatre Boxpark is expected to become the new lifestyle hub in Dubai, UAE.

Golden CELLON Panels Lighting up Templeman Library, UK

With the goal of creating a vibrant contemporary building for study, interaction and exploration, the responsible architectural office Penoyre & Prasad approached the Templeman Library extension project in Kent.

Premiere in Birmingham

Welcome to the world of exclusive colours and shapes: after successful trade fairs in Dubai, Doha, Munich, Paris, Vienna and Basel, Bruag will be exhibiting for the first time in the UK.

Seeing Without Being Seen

By using perforated panels, architect Marianne Haas of Archisign AG has not only brought light into the living rooms of the multi-family houses in Klingnau.

Dining in a Peculiar Ambience

Attractive MDF room dividers have been perforated in a customized design and are used in various Gaucho restaurants.

Applause Applause

The Bruag system not only improves acoustics but can also be a new highlight of a room.


Bahnhofstrasse 8

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