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Interior LED Luminaries

Litvínovská 288/11,
190 00 Prague 9,
Czech Republic

Litvínovská 288/11,
190 00 Prague 9,
Czech Republic

Halla interior lighting

HALLA is a leading manufacturer of interior luminaries. It meets the most demanding technical parameters and uses state-of-the-art technologies and the highest quality light sources.

The majority of HALLA products consist of LED luminaries, which feature a clean and fresh design. Products are used in a wide range of buildings and interiors.

Interior lighting for high-demand locations

HALLA’s interior luminaries are especially suited for high-demand locations where there is a need for quality lighting such as offices or retail premises. The company portfolio includes pendant, wall, recessed and half-recessed, surface, standing and table interior luminaries with direct and indirect emanation.

Luminaries are primarily made from aluminium and use a variety of optics and light sources, which depend on the individual needs of the customer. HALLA’s product range consists of freestanding, downlight, linear-profile and rail-module system luminaries.

HALLA takes care of the light quality and the design of its products. Luminaries feature an inventive design, which is developed in cooperation with architects and designers to incorporate both technical and aesthetic qualities.

Success in international competitions demonstrates the high level of HALLA design and technical parameters. These include the Red Dot Design Award 2014 for the INDI concept luminaries by Slovak designer Matúš Opálka, the German Design Award nominee 2015 for SANT and BIKE luminaries designed for HALLA by Dutch architect Rob van Beek, as well as for the wooden ARBO luminaries from Czech architect Luka Križek.

Dimmable, customisable LED lighting

There are many advantages to using LEDs. In addition to low-energy consumption and a longer lifespan, they offer freedom of design and an opportunity to play with light.

In cooperation with architects and designers, HALLA has been making maximum use of these possibilities. It offers luminaries with customised designs featuring unique shapes, dimmable possibilities and the ability to mix colour temperatures.

For example, SANT luminaries have excellent light parameters and an operational LED output of up to 150lm/W. The luminaries are available in temperatures ranging from 2,700K to 6,500K, and are dimmable with customisable direct-indirect emanation and white colours.

Specialised lighting systems and wooden luminaries

HALLA’s MILA lighting systems can be assembled into different shapes using magnets, according to the needs and imagination of the individual customer. The UNDA lighting system creates an elegant three-dimensional wave, providing the possibility to create line or circle of any length.

Additional creative luminaries include BIKE, which comprises 16 individual segments that can be moved and placed into numerous shapes.

HALLA’s wooden ARBO luminaries create a warm interior atmosphere for cafés, restaurants, residential premises, schools, offices and meeting rooms.


HALLA is a leading provider of luminaries with more than two decades of design and manufacturing history. Its luminaries are used in well-known public and commercial buildings worldwide.

Known for its excellent quality and competitive prices, HALLA products are sold in Europe, Russia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

The HALLA EXPRESS brand includes many of the most frequently purchased luminaries in the company portfolio. These luminaries are available within five working days or less.

HALLA, a.s.

Litvínovská 288/11

190 00 Prague 9

Czech Republic