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High-End Laminate Flooring

Av. de la Vall d'Albaida 68,
E-46702 Gandía,

Av. de la Vall d'Albaida 68,
E-46702 Gandía,

FAUS is a leading company responsible for manufacturing and marketing Fausfloor, high-end laminate flooring. Fausfloor contains technological innovations which are unique in the realm of laminate flooring, and which guarantee greater product longevity and exclusive avant-garde designs. Moreover, FAUS also has a wide range of wall panelling and coated frames.

FAUS was incorporated in 1953 in Gandia (Valencia, Spain) and ever since it has experienced solid and continuous growth. There are currently two manufacturing facilities, one in Spain and another in the USA, 20 commercial offices all over the world, and a highly qualified and specialized team clearly devoted to the international sphere.

FAUS belongs to the FINSA Group, European and world leaders in technical wood. This fact allows for full vertical integration of the manufacturing process, thereby enabling maximum quality, technical support and innovative capability.

Laminate flooring

FAUS laminate flooring is unique in the market. Thanks to the technology used, it guarantees maximum longevity (greater life span) and unique avant-garde designs. FAUS flooring comes in a wide variety of reproductions, including all sorts of wood laminates, traditional framing, stones, ceramics, metal and leather finishing.

Laminated flooring for quick installation

Our wide-plank (30cm to 40cm) laminate flooring is a unique system with wide strips enabling swift installation with fewer joints, which leads to a much longer life span.

Durable laminate flooring

With our laminate flooring’s joint-guard technology the joints formed between the strips are fully protected thanks to the JOINTGUARD technology, thus preventing deterioration caused by wear and tear and extending the floor’s life span.

Water repellent laminate flooring

Our water-repellent and sealed-edge support (HDF) product includes a high-density wooden fibre support with water-repellent resins providing extraordinary dimensional stability. All product profiles are sealed with moisture-repellent wax.

Laminate flooring in a range of textures

Fausfloor has the look and feel of the surfaces it replicates, be they ceramics, stone, wood or leather. This is the patented Embossed-In-Register® technology.

Exclusive laminate technology

Interplank, Longstrip and Multidirection laminate flooring feature exclusive technologies which, thanks to its floor design continues from one strip to the next (both longitudinally as well as transversally). Designs are carried out from the standpoint of the total installed space, and are not limited by the size of the wooden strips.

Microbevel+JointGuard: the combination of both technologies makes it impossible to tell where each laminate strip starts and where it ends. The laminated or tile effects are highlighted, thus achieving a high degree of realism compared to the original materials and installations.

On the other hand, Faus is a floating laminate floor which can be mounted on other existing floors without having to remove the latter. Its FAUSLOC anchoring system turns its assembly into an easy task with no need for glues or drying times after installation. It is resistant to colour loss while providing extraordinary resistance to wear and tear.

Wall panelling

Faus Decor is a large collection of easy-to-install wall paneling. The length of its pieces (2.8m) turns its installation into an easy task in all sorts of situations. Products include:

  • CLASSIC: Pieces 9mm thick and 215mm wide. A wide range of designs
  • COMBI: A collection 1.2m long, ideal for medium-height installations
  • Urban: 9mm thick and elegant 325mm wide. Modern designs
  • Novadur: Special resistance against scratching and silky texture, thanks to its HPL coating
  • Prestige: Rustic designs, with special SYNCHRO finishing, thus providing it with a hyper-realistic 3D effect
  • Domidecor: Tiles for horizontal installation or at medium height, with stone, wood, lacquered or even genuine leather finishing.
  • We also offer some novelties as well, such as: Faus Decor XL (extra-wide pieces, 48cm); Faus Decor Touch (haut-relief) finishing, sensitive to touch; Faus Decor SECURE (frieze for commercial installations, certified as class Cfl)

FAUS Multiwidth Collection Launches at Demotex

Specialist laminate flooring manufacturer and innovator FAUS will present at the international fair Domotex, a unique brand new product range called FAUS multiwidth. The launch of FAUS multiwidth collection has been made with two oaks and two walnuts. Thanks to FAUS wideplank system, t

Faus to Attend DOMOTEX 2011

Faus is pleased to announce that it will exhibit at Domotex 2011, launching a historical record of new designs. This is a result of an intensive work of identification of the necessities of our customers, which finally has materialised in 29 aesthetic new designs that come with the Faus innovatio


Av. de la Vall d'Albaida 68

E-46702 Gandía




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