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Projection Lighting

High-Quality Commercial Lighting

Fourth Avenue,
The Village,
Trafford Park,
M17 1DB Other,
United Kingdom

Fourth Avenue,
The Village,
Trafford Park,
M17 1DB Other,
United Kingdom

Projection Lighting produces a large range of high-quality commercial lighting and is one of the UK’s largest retail lighting manufacturers.

We are a highly dynamic organisation, offering personalised service combined with quality UK based manufacture. We provide a complete lighting solution, offering an extensive range of high quality products with exceptional service and a detailed understanding of our customers’ requirements.

LED solid-state downlights

Alpha LED is a unique light engine and a new light source. The Alpha LED is a significant leap forward in solid state lighting technology. The Xicato spot module, excellent thermal management and unique cold phosphor technology combine to form LED downlights with exact colour consistency and long life.

Until now, despite extensive attempts to resolve colour variation by binning, LEDs have produced inconsistent colours temperatures which are visible within groups of the same luminaire. Alpha LED light engine features a unique optical mixing cavity. The mixed light then passes though a cold phosphor coating to convert it to a high quality, stable and consistent white light. The erratic colour temperature between individual LED’s
inherent with current technology are completely removed. This means there are no binning issues.

Cold phosphor technology and thermal control guarantees a long stable life.

Fixed and adjustable LED downlights

The Alpha LED range consists of fixed & adjustable downlights in various sizes and styles. Utilising the new 1,000 lumen Alpha LED, they produce more light than a 50W low voltage dichroic lamp and are Part L compliant.

Early summer 2009 featured the release of an extensive range of new track and recessed spots designed to utilise the Alpha LED modules with 1,000 lx output. A variety of beam angles and body styles make them ideally suited for retail, hotel and museum applications.

These developments form part of our ongoing programme of development to produce LED luminaires with lumen output equivalent to metal halide lamps and beyond.

Key features of Alpha LED downlights include:

  • Total colour consistency
  • Efficient light output – Part L compliant
  • Colour temps of 2,700 / 3,000 / 4,000
  • 50,000 hours lifetime with a five-year guarantee
  • Ideal halogen replacement
  • Excellent colour rendering (up to CRI 95)
  • Minimal infra red – no harmful UV
  • Less than two-years payback
  • Eco-friendly – mercury and lead free
  • Supplied with driver

LED luminaires

We are developing products at the cutting edge of lighting technology and are currently expanding our Alpha LED product range, creating advanced LED luminaires that provide a high quality alternative to traditional sources.

Projection Lighting see LED luminaires creating the greatest fundamental change to the industry since electric light was invented. Our LED luminaires are engineered to produce high quality colour consistent light and are already a better alternative to tungsten halogen and low voltage lamps.

Projection Lighting is active in utilising new generation high quality LEDs and the benefits they provide.

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Projection Lighting

Fourth Avenue

The Village


Trafford Park

M17 1DB


United Kingdom