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Sound Solutions

Commercial and Residential Sound Systems

Building No.2,
Office 2024 Emaar Gold & Diamond Park,
Sheikh Zayed Road,
United Arab Emirates

Building No.2,
Office 2024 Emaar Gold & Diamond Park,
Sheikh Zayed Road,
United Arab Emirates

Sound Solutions offers a complete audio design and installation service for a range of projects including nightclubs, hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants, conference centres, pubs, marquees, retail outlets and residential properties. Based in the Middle East & the UK, we are part of KAYEL, a multi disciplined and highly experienced global team that offer a diverse range of services to the F&B sector.

Audio and acoustic consultants and designers

At Sound Solutions we assess noise problems and acoustic design issues within the built environment. As audio and acoustic consultants and designers, we offer expert technical advice to architects, designers and clients, providing recommendations on the most reliable, appropriate and cost-effective sound solutions for dealing with such issues. After undertaking site inspections and sound insulation tests, we aim to provide the best
solutions to all acoustic requirements.

With contracted links to over 50 experienced engineers, we have access to a range of acoustic installation specialists based around the globe who all work together under the Sound Solutions banner when we are invited to work on larger contracts.

We specialise in:

  • Sound system design
  • Acoustic noise and structure born sound cancellation solutions
  • Sound installation and commissioning

Sound system design and installation

As part of a multi disciplined group, we have an unrivalled understanding of sound, lighting, interiors, F&B, conferencing, acoustics, engineering, cost control and construction. Our team and associate engineers have been working globally for the past 20 years and have undertaken sound design, installation and consultation work on over 162 projects including:

  • Millennium Dome, London
  • Twickenham Rugby Stadium, London
  • Ministry of Sound, Worldwide
  • Vendome Nightclub, London
  • Arsenal FC, London
  • Loughborough University, UK
  • Atlantis Night Club, Dubai
  • Planet Hollywood, Dubai
  • Bar 360, Dubai
  • Barbacoa ,Puerto Rico
  • Linekers group, Puerto Rico
  • Dublin Airport
  • Isle of Capri Casinos
  • Mitchells and Butlers Pubs

Sound Ceiling speaker systems

The Sound Ceiling is a directional speaker system that has helped numerous venue owners to meet government restrictions related to noise pollution and new ‘noise at work’ legislation, made possible appropriate conditions for the application of permanent/semi-permanent marquees, and created zoning within venues where varied volume levels have been required.

Put simply the Sound Ceiling will allow you to increase volume, improve sound quality and nullify complaints by providing high quality sound in specific areas whilst leaving adjacent areas free from excessive noise. By using the Sound Ceiling we are able to confine the area of high-level sound and reduce the volume heard only a few meters away by 50%, providing the ultimate solution to a universal problem faced by all entertainment venues.

With the Sound Ceiling, sound pressure drop-off can be heard as soon as you step outside the column of sound created, not only lending itself to the reduction of noise escaping the site but allowing zoning of areas within any venue. Imagine dancing underneath thousands of pumping speakers while only metres away people are dining, working or holding normal conversations with only ambient background noise. The Sound Ceiling offers a guaranteed alternative to expensive soundproofing methods with a 10dB reduction (15dB for marquees) in sound escaping any venue, allowing entertainment to prosper and leaving surrounding tenants unaffected.

Invisible speaker systems

Sound Solutions successfully launched the invisible loudspeaker technology during the Dubai Cityscape exhibition in October 2009.

Iinvisible loudspeakers are fitted into walls or ceilings in either residential or commercial applications, and are then finished with a final skim of plaster and decorated as normal, giving a totally invisible audio solution. The Invisible loudspeaker produces unparalleled sound quality which is evenly distributed throughout the home. The incredible freedom of design allowed by using invisible speakers whilst still integrating modern technology into properties has proved very popular with many designers around the world.

Sound Ceilings

Building No.2

Office 2024 Emaar Gold & Diamond Park


Sheikh Zayed Road


United Arab Emirates