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Tretford Carpets

Natural Goat-Hair Carpets

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Tretford cord carpet was created in the 1950s, and has become one of the world’s leading premium contract carpets. With an almost entirely unique structure, it is a natural product made from 80% goat hair, bonded to a jute backing and is made to the highest environmental standards. It is a favourite among leading architects, designers and specifiers the world over.

Natural goat-hair carpets improve wellbeing for all

As a natural floor covering and with its unique combination of colour and structure, Tretford has been improving the well being of people all over the world. Tretford is available in roll (broadloom) and tile.

Unbleached goat-hair carpets in a range of colours

There are an amazing 48 colours in roll and 35 colours in tile on offer as standard from Tretford. The colour palette takes note of global trends and preferences. Australia enjoys the bright Tretford colours while Europeans tend to prefer the cool blues and greys. While Tretford is mindful of its top selling colours, more adventurous shades are also included in the palettes so that we cater for every customer. In gentle pastels or striking shades, some colours are solid and are ideal for creating striking designs. Others are blended to emphasise their soil hiding characteristics.

The goat hair is dyed from its original colour, rather than being bleached first, which gives the carpets a stunning, natural depth of colour. It is our policy to guarantee the longevity and availability of preferred colours.

Environmentally-friendly hair carpets from sustainably farmed goats

Tretford’s strong environmental philosophy has been at the heart of our success for many years now. The goat hair, coming from an entirely sustainable and renewable resource, is the by-product from goat farming in Inner Mongolia where the goats are farmed in large quantities. The goat hair represents pre-consumer content as the hair would normally be discarded, being too coarse to be used for cashmere cloth. The hair is incredibly durable and hard wearing, yet feels surprisingly soft to touch and is inherently anti-static.

The goat hair is clipped, handpicked, sorted and then washed in a solution of mild soap. No chemicals are used and the waste water created is used to irrigate local farmland. The dyes used to create the colour palette are biodegradable, contain no heavy metals and are non-toxic. The backing for Tretford is jute, which is a renewable resource and is used undyed.

As a natural and hardwearing product, Tretford is incredibly durable and long lasting giving it a better look, and for longer than all other contract carpets.

And we strive in everything we do to meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility. World-wide accreditations include ISO14001, BREEAM for UK and Ireland, GECA for Australia, and we are working with LEED in the US.

Goat-hair carpets for public, commercial and residential properties

Tretford is used the world over in offices, banks, shops, showrooms, universities, colleges, schools, sports centres, hospitals, institutions, hotels, residential homes, airports, ticket offices, receptions areas and lounges.

Acousticord – hi-traffic acoustic wall covering

For the US Market, Tretford has relaunched Acousticord, a high traffic acoustic wall covering. Engineered specifically for walls, but manufactured to the same standards and with 80% goat hair, Acousticord’s lighter weight makes it easier to hang on vertical surfaces.

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