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Bauporte is an independent, international provider of bespoke entrances, designed, manufactured, installed and serviced to the highest standards around the world.

Our products include manual revolving doors; automatic revolving doors; automatic sliding doors; automatic swing doors; manual sliding, swing and folding doors; entrance screens and glazing.

Bespoke doors and entrance

Nothing beats a great first impression and we take pride in working with clients, architects and contractors to produce individual entrances of distinction that address the individual needs of the building.

Our products are not mass-produced; each is carefully crafted in our own production facility to the highest specification and using top-grade materials, allowing the opportunity for personal touches and customisation. With a thirst for innovation, Bauporte is proud to push the boundaries of feasibility, constantly willing to consider new ideas and produce solutions that surpass expectations.

Full Vision manual and automatic revolving doors

Circular Full Vision revolving doors are available with diameters of up to 3,100mm, with manual or automatic operation. Drive units for automatic versions are concealed in the floor under the entrance matting or can be installed on the ceiling of a basement below.

Royal Full Vision revolving doors are available with diameters of over 3,100mm, with automatic operation.

Extremely tall revolving doors with rotating doorsets over 7,000mm high are available. All versions are available in custom dimensions and have the option of curved sliding doors to close off the openings at night if required.

Prestige manual and automatic revolving doors

Circular Prestige revolving doors are available with diameters of up to 3,100mm, with manual or automatic operation.

Royal Prestige revolving doors are available with diameters of over 3,100mm, with automatic operation. Folding doorsets on the larger versions allow these high capacity revolving doors to be used as emergency escapes.

All automatic doors can be activated by radars, card readers or push-buttons as required. Security, fire retardant and bullet & impact resistant versions are all available on request.

Nostalgia manual and automatic revolving doors

Nostalgia revolving doors are designed to recreate the grandeur of entrances of bygone days with elegant custom designs, using metal and wood to recreate an antique appearance but adding the benefits of modern technology. Designs can exactly replicate existing doors or they can mimic vintage styles.

Circular Nostalgia revolving doors are available with diameters of up to 3,100mm, with manual or automatic operation. Royal Nostalgia revolving doors are available with diameters of over with automatic operation.

Elegance automatic Sliding and swing doors

Elegance automatic sliding doors and automatic swing doors offer the possibility to take conventional doors to a new level with dimensions and designs limited only by the imagination and technical limits of materials.

Bauporte specialise in large and complex entrances; often incorporating in-ground drive units. Elegance automatic doors are available in a variety of single, double, multi, telescopic and straight or curved configurations.

Elegance automatic Balance doors and folding / stacking doors

Elegance automatic Balance doors provide an effective variation to automatic swing doors. Also known as pivot doors, Elegance Balance doors feature drive units mounted on the header or in-ground. Utilising a pivot rather than a side hinge makes balance doors ideal for entrances that are subject to severe or uneven wind conditions.

Elegance Folding/stacking doors consist of a row of 180° swing doors that can either function as individual, self-closing swing doors or be folded together and stacked to one side to create a wide totally clear opening.

Ideal for retail applications, this folding stacking function can be achieved manually or fully automated.

Service and maintenance

All Bauporte products are supported by years of expertise and engineering experience. Bauporte engineers are highly skilled, well trained and customer-focused.

Standard and tailor-made service plans are available for all types of automatic door.

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