Technoform Glass Insulation

Thermally Optimised Spacers and Muntin Bars for Insulating Glass Units

Matthäus-Merian-Strasse 6, 34253 Lohfelden,Other, Germany

Matthäus-Merian-Strasse 6, 34253 Lohfelden,Other, Germany

Technoform Glass Insulation (TGI®), founded in 1998 in Kassel (Germany) and member of the German Technoform Group, founded in 1969, specialise in the design, development, production and sale of thermally optimised spacers and muntin bars for insulating glass units. Hybrid spacers in polypropylene and stainless steel for extremely stable and gas-impermeable connections are the basis for optimum U-values for the warm edge.

Our significant growth and increased market share of warm edge has enabled us to be a strong partner to customers all over Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Spacers for insulated glass units

TGI™-Spacers are highly innovative spacers for insulating glass units. They are based on state-of-the art physical construction know-how and significantly improve the insulating properties of glass – and therefore windows. TGI-Spacers are produced of high quality stainless steel reinforced with polypropylene. The low thermal conductivity of this plastic material optimises the thermal separation at the edge connection of the isulated glass. In this manner TGI®-Spacers help save valuable heat, thereby contributing significantly to reduction of CO2 emissions.

TGI-Spacers are tested according to European Standard EN 1279-2, 3, 6 and on UV-resistance. Therefore high quality and safety are guaranteed for the production of insulating glass units.

Spacers in all colours and sizes

TGI-Spacers are available in light grey (RAL 7035), dark grey (RAL 7040), black (RAL 9005), white (RAL 9016), dark brown (RAL 8016) and light brown (8003) and in the sizes 8, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm.

Angular or round spacers

TGI-Spacers can be processed on all standard forming machines. Whether angular or round, any shape can be realised in the frame manufacturing process and procedures. Connectors specially designed and ideally matched for use with TGI-Spacers can be used in the assembly process.

Warm edge spacers for insulated glass

The Warm Edge is the thermally improved interaction of the components in the transition area at the edge of the insulating glass and the surrounding window or door frame. A spacer, such as the TGI®-Spacer on the insulating glass significantly reduces the energy loss in this sensitive area. The edge remains proverbially warm. The excellent thermal insulation provided by the Warm Edge also prevents unpleasant air circulation in the vicinity of the window.

A further, visible positive advantage of the thermally improved edge bond is the significant reduction of water condensation forming at the edge of the glass on the inside of the window during the cold season. This reduces the risk of mold, discoloration and water spots on the window frame and increases the service life of the window.

Energy-efficient glass insulation

Always forward thinking with innovation for new opportunities to improve insulation quality in and around the window, Technoform Glass Insulation has become a competent partner for insulating glass manufacturers, window fabricators, architects and anyone else who values energy efficiency.

Thank you for placing your trust in our world-leading technology. Extensive experience, forward-looking planning, flexibility and custom solutions characterise the performance of the TGI team, a team that makes its entire expertise available to our customers on a daily basis.

A Spacer Bar that Offers the Best of Both Worlds

The TGI®-Spacer bar combines impressive thermal performance with cost effective production – an ideal combination for any IGU manufacturer. Following amendments to Part L of the Building Regulations in October, news that windows are likely to be included in the Green Deal initiativ

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