MEINERTZ Provides Heating Solutions at Clarence Terrace, Regents Park. - Verdict Designbuild
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MEINERTZ Provides Heating Solutions at Clarence Terrace, Regents Park.

Meinertz Regents Park

The main challenge on Clarence Terrace at Regents Park, London was to produce heating solutions that met the very tight constraints by the local council, as it is a listed facade. Furthermore, the solutions had to be kept within existing pipework.

Curved radiators were produced according to templates sent from London to Skanderborg, and the curved ProLine had to follow the curved staircase.


ProLine convection grills were mounted in the floor in front of glazing units, protecting efficiently against cold downdraught. The convection grills provide an unimpeded view, and the minimalistic design creates a beautiful architectural solution with the glazing units of the building.

The convection grills can be produced with a convector section of three to 14 water-filled ribs and one or two side grills. This design makes it possible to plan the solution in accordance with the output required.

The convection grills only require a trench depth of 100mm, meaning they can also be mounted in steel trenches above the floor in existing buildings. The convection grills can carry up to 250kg and are delivered powder-coated in all colours. The maximum length of a unit is 6000mm.

MEINERTZ convectors and radiators

Our convectors and radiators are discreet and elegant design solutions for the wall or floor, which are available with or without an integrated top grill.

There is a large heat output and great flexibility in choice of height, depth and length. Special models are also available with integrated legs or a built-in thermostat valve. The TF series are probably the most elegant plan radiators on the market.

The TF series is based on the T series design, but the front panel is non-water-bearing, and consequently does not become hot.The plan radiator is easy to clean and has a large heat output. It is ideal for nurseries and other places where people may come into close proximity with the radiators.

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