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Natural Ventilation and Daylight Systems

Halifax House,
Cressex Business Park,
High Wycombe,
HP12 3SE Other,
United Kingdom

Halifax House,
Cressex Business Park,
High Wycombe,
HP12 3SE Other,
United Kingdom

Monodraught’s range of systems includes Sola-boost natural ventilation systems, which are energy free systems that eliminate the need for air conditioning, as well as Sunpipe natural daylight systems.

No project is too big or too small, because each system is bespoke and made to order. Recent projects include work for schools, hospitals, universities, and sports halls.

Natural ventilation system

The Monodraught Windcatcher natural ventilation system channels a controlled quantity of fresh air into a room from roof level, whatever the wind’s direction, and without mechanical assistance.

The Windcatcher is divided internally into four quadrants so that one or more face into the wind. Here, windward quadrants supply air under the action of positive wind pressure, and leeward quadrants extract stale air under the action of negative wind pressure. On still days, the Windcatcher acts as a conventional passive stack using the natural buoyancy of warm internal air to stimulate air flow out of the building.

Volume control dampers located at ceiling level vary the rate of ventilation according to the building requirements. In addition, during summer months the dampers open at night to provide night time cooling, which can help to reduce peak internal temperatures. The Monodraught Windcatcher system can eliminate the need for air conditioning without compromising the security of the building.

Natural daylight systems

The Monodraught Sunpipe natural daylight system directs sunlight into a room from roof level. Here, the Sunpipe collects daylight using a patented Diamond dome, then it uses a silverised mirror-finished aluminium tube to transfer the light to a room, and finally a ceiling diffuser evenly distributes the light around the room.

The Diamond dome and diffuser also seal the Sunpipe from the ingress of rain, dust, and insects. The Sunpipe is effective in sunny, overcast, and rainy conditions, requires no maintenance, and is compatible with many building designs. For example, multi-floor solutions are possible and common, but some loss of transmittance will occur depending on the overall length of the Sunpipe. When compared against a roof light, a Sunpipe eliminates glare, significantly reduces heat gains in the summer, and minimises heat losses in the winter. The Sunpipe is manufactured in a wide range of diameters and Monodraught can provide a full design and installation service.

Natural daylight and ventilation system

The Monodraught Suncatcher system provides natural ventilation and daylight by combining the Windcatcher with a Sunpipe natural daylight into a single system. Therefore, the Suncatcher is able to simultaneously provide fresh air and natural daylight to a room, and extract stale air from a room. The range of Suncatcher systems follow the same sizing as the Windcatcher systems and can incorporate the full range of Sunpipe

Solar-powered natural ventilation systems

In response to rising energy prices, Monodraught has incorporated solar power into their natural ventilation systems to create three additional products: Sola-boost, Sola-extract, and Sola-vent. The Sola-boost uses the Windcatcher technology in coordination with a solar powered fan to guarantee an additional supply of ventilation on sunny days, whereas the Sola-extract applied the same principals but uses its fan to extract air.

Monodraught’s Sola-vent system is an integrated natural daylight and ventilation system, which contains a Sunpipe, a solar powered extract fan, and two compact-fluorescent down-lighters. The Sola-vent is ideally suited to internal bathrooms and shower rooms where it ensures that current Building Regulations for ventilation are met.

Passive cooling and heat recovery systems

Cool-phase is a low energy, intelligent, passive cooling and heat recovery system for use within Commercial, Academic and Health Care environments. The Cool-phase system was developed in collaboration with The University of Nottingham, BASF Ltd, and the Carbon Trust, and is Monodraught’s answer to a mechanical air-conditioning system. Cool-phase provides powered fresh air ventilation, but can store and discharge large amounts of latent thermal energy by utilising a micro-encapsulated phase change material (PCM) slurry. The PCM can store up to 4kWh of thermal energy, and supply approximately 1kW of cooling. Incoming air is passed over a series of precision engineered spiral wound heat exchangers, through which the PCM is pumped. A significant difference between the temperature of the air before and after heat exchange can be achieved, using a fraction of the power required to run a conventional air conditioning system.

Zero-energy natural ventilation and daylight systems

Monodraught continues to demonstrate its commitment to the development of zero energy products and systems, with a focus on natural and solar driven products that make a valuable contribution to the energy crisis by helping customers to reduce costs, their energy consumption and the UK’s carbon footprint. Monodraught achieves this by maximising naturally available energy from the wind and the sun, helping us all to build for a better future.

Salerno Maritime Terminal

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, Salerno Maritime Terminal serves ferries and cruise liners at the Salerno port in Naples, Italy.

Monodraught Extends PCM Technology to Enter a New Ceiling-Mounted Cool-Phase

Natural ventilation specialist Monodraught has extended the application of PCM technology with the introduction of an innovative, ceiling-mounted version of its COOL-PHASE® system. The new product is a low energy cooling, ventilation and heat recovery system that can maintain temperatures within the comfort zone, while radically reducing energy consumption by up to 90% compared to conventional cooling systems.

Monodraught WINDCATCHER X-Air Shortlisted for 3R Award

Monodraught's latest WINDCATCHER® X-Air natural ventilation system has been shortlisted in the product innovation category of the prestigious 3R Awards (refurb, rethink, retrofit) organised jointly by the Architects' Journal, Construction News and New Civil Engineer. The awards celebrate exce

Monodraught Publishes Free White Paper: ‘Natural Ventilation Systems’

Monodraught, a leading provider of natural ventilation systems, has released a free white paper on the Designbuild-Network website. Monodraught has a long history of working with academic partners to help develop its range of low-energy building services products. These include the natu

Windcatchers Provide Cost-Effective Solution for Walfworth Academy Sports Hall

Walworth Academy opened in 2007 and moved into its new building in January 2010, uniting the whole school on a single site for the first time. The academy serves 180 in six classes students each year and opened a sixth form in September 2010, so that Walworth students can continue their studies t

Monodraught Acquires Innovative Green Cooling Technology

Monodraught, part of VKR Holding, has acquired Artica Technologies, a company that has gained an enviable reputation for developing highly sustainable ventilation systems in a very short time. With the acquisition of Artica Technologies, Monodraught strengthens its position within the l

Monodraught Publishes New Healthcare Brochure

Monodraught has produced a new 32-page full colour healthcare brochure highlighting the importance of natural daylight and natural ventilation for the well-being of patients and the benefits of reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions for hospital and healthcare buildings. Cont

Collaborative Learning Centre Uses Monodraught Natural Ventilation Strategy

A £3.5m Collaborative Learning Centre, funded by Essex County Council, includes a large and small halls, entrance area, theme room, video recording studio, external spaces and workshop classrooms. The centre, a collaborative project providing an invaluable resource filled with technology tha

Monodraught Seeks BBA-Approval for Commercial Sunpipe Range

Monodraught has announced that it is seeking BBA-approval for its commercial Sunpipe natural daylight systems, which include 300mm, 450mm, 530mm and 750mm models. Commenting on the decision, managing director Tony Cull says: "As well as enabling us to tender for business that specifical

Monodraught Sunpipes Help Durham Store Extension Achieve 10% Energy Reduction

According to the UK Green Building Council, existing buildings account for 17% of the UK's total carbon emissions and need to be in the front-line of our efforts to tackle climate change. Taking up the challenge, leading supermarket Sainsbury's has discovered a way to make its Durham store 50

Monodraught Enters the German Market with Hannover Office

Monodraught has announced the opening of an office near Hannover to market its range of natural daylight and ventilation systems in Germany. Jens Heuer, who has been appointed as technical sales consultant, will work with export manager, Pedro Millan, to continue to develop Monodraught sales in t

New Composite Sunpipe Assembly Exceeds Waitrose Lighting Expectations

Monodraught has worked in partnership with supermarket Waitrose to develop a new retail lighting unit featuring a Sunpipe integrated into an artificial light fitting. The new system, a Composite Sunpipe Assembly (CSA), is designed to maximise the use of natural daylight, while controlling and b

Brambletye School Chooses Windcatchers for New Classrooms

Brambletye, a leading day and boarding preparatory school for children aged three to thirteen, occupies a large country house set in its own 140 acre wooded estate in the rolling countryside of West Sussex. In order to increase its teaching capacity the school has recently completed a new two-sto

Windcatchers Help Minimise Environmental Impact of Wat Tyler Visitor Centre

Monodraught has installed its Windcatcher natural ventilation and balanced flue systems in a new Visitor Centre at the Wat Tyler Country Park at Pitsea in Essex. Each of the systems feature bespoke capping details that were designed in close cooperation with Laurie Wood Architects. The building i

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