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Pharmadule Choose Munters NA Air Treatment Systems

Pharmadule is well known for the supply of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical facilities. Its modular approach guarantees their customers solutions that are built to the highest standards, under controlled conditions and with the most effective working procedures. For several of its clients, such as Eli Lilly and Merck, Pharmadule has chosen Munters in Dison, Belgium, to supply air treatment solutions that match their stringent quality standards.

Pharmadule’s customers had recently gained good experience, with Munters recently acquired NA air conditioning equipment and tipping off their collagues to have a look at Munters air conditioning plant in Dison, Belgium. What attracted their attention was not only the quality and flexibility of the NA range, but also the company size and organisation which provided confidence that Munters new air conditioning systems would be the perfect match for future business. After being convinced, Pharmadule decided to use Munters air handling units for some of their projects.

Munters Belgium manufacturing facility builds equipment to the highest standards and can be applied to all kinds of high end applications, such as clean rooms, etc. In the case of Pharmadule, a typical air handling unit set up consists of sections with filters (F7-F9 – HEPA 13 and 14 in special frame), cooling and heating coils, fans and steam humidifiers.

More then 30 units have been delivered, ranging from 5,000m³/h to 30,000m³/h for Pharmadule’s customers. Munters NA4,000 range are specifically suited for the hygienic food processing, cooled storage and pharmaceutical production areas. These first-class air handling systems consist of self-supporting sandwich panels, with smooth interiors and external surfaces. The large panel capability means Munters are able to easily build large-sized systems with good resistance to pressure. The NA4,000 can be supplied with different stainless steel grades.

Munters has its roots in low dewpoint air treatment solutions. Desiccant wheel technology, a Munters invention, has enabled many phamaceutical companies to manufacture at constant, high quality. Conveying, tableting, coating, packaging, manfacturing gelcaps, etc. are all processes where Munters can supply a constant, high quality environment, while maintaining high energy efficiency and equipment reliability. The plus systems, using Munters ML, MX and MCD types, are the perfect match for any low dewpoint application.

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