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Expo 2010 Swedish Pavillion Now Open

On the 1st of May, the grand opening day of Expo2010 in Shanghai, more than 12,000 people visited the Swedish pavillion, that was officially inaugurated by the Swedish minister of trade, Mrs Ewa Björling.

The climate in the Swedish pavillion is kept cool and dry by two Munters DryCool units, saving 30% energy compared to a traditional cooling solution. The temperature is constantly kept at 24°C and a relative humidity at 50%RH.

More than 70 million people are expected to visit Expo2010 before the Expo closes down in October. Visitors to the Swedish pavillion will experience how comfort cooling by Munters creates conditions that seem less chilly compared to traditional air conditioning. The control of not only temperature but also humidity makes the air more fresh and comfortable – saving energy at the same time.

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