Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Cooler Scores Top Marks in Latest Product Review from Cundalls for Sustainable Data Centre Cooling Solutions

As the world leader in the creation of innovative, energy efficient air treatment solutions, Munters has applied their 50 years of specialist experience in evaporative cooling to score top ranking in an independent data centre cooling product engineering review from Cundalls.

This latest report compares the energy consumption of Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Cooler (IEC) with traditional cooling approaches, highlighting the significant reductions in carbon emissions that can be achieved. Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Cooler solution is a proven technology, cooling data centres with a combined processing capacity of over 75MW worldwide.

Compared to typical high efficiency free cooling solutions the Oasis IEC provides:

  • Similar or equal capital investments costs
  • Up to 80% savings in annual running costs
  • Up to 83% reduction in energy consumption
  • A partial PUE in London of less than 1.03

Munters Oasis IEC uses the natural evaporation of water to achieve substantial cooling and energy saving performance without mechanical cooling. The independent review details the differing operating modes of Oasis IEC and more crucially compares the advantages and disadvantages that the Oasis IEC approach has over other common free cooling solutions.

The innovative design of Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Coolers incorporates Munters patented Oasis EPX heat recovery module, which optimises the thermal characteristics of evaporative cooling technology to achieve substantial cooling and energy saving performance.

Oasis IEC has been successfully applied to over 75MW of data centre reject heat cooling worldwide. This new report from Cundalls explains how to apply the principles of Indirect Evaporative Cooling in the design of data centres and provides the essential knowledge operators require to make informed strategic design decisions relating to high efficiency free cooling.

Munters Oasis IEC smart design also ensures that the air supplied to the data centre do not mix with the cooling air so preventing contamination to data centre spaces. One of the many advantages of Oasis is that no added moisture/humidity is added to the data centre supply air, therefore preventing server corrosion. The solution also can also use reclaimed grey water, an ideal combination with rain water harvesting.

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