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Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Cooler Installed at DCO2

As the world leader of innovative energy efficient air treatment, Munters has applied its 50 years of specialist experience in evaporative cooling into the award winning DCO2 European installation of the Oasis Indirect Evaporative Cooler (IEC). This innovative indirect evaporative cooling system is already installed in over 75MW Data Centres globally.

The innovative and several times awarded DCO2 Data Centre in Oostkamp, Belgium, has taken advantage of the energy efficient Oasis IEC system. The owner of DCO, Mr Janjoris van der Lei, acknowledged the benefits offered by the Oasis, including:

  • Full separation of air flows, eliminating risk of contamination and dust
  • Very low PUE at only 1.11
  • Reliability
  • No problems with high humidity
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Using collected rain water for cooling of the polymer heat exchanger during summer

The first Oasis system was installed at the DCO2 data centre just before the heat wave hit Europe in the summer of 2012. A continuous and stable operation securing a constant temperature at 22°C in the facility convinced Mr van der Lei that "the OasisTM IEC system is the best data centre cooling system available."

As the DCO2 facility is expanding, the need of cooling capacity continues to increase and Munters will install DCO2’s next OasisTM IEC system in spring 2013.

The innovative design of Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Coolers, which incorporate Munters’ patented Oasis EPX heat recovery module is the key to the success of Munters’ solution, optimising the thermal characteristics of evaporative cooling technology to achieve substantial cooling and energy saving performance without mechanical cooling.

The Oasis IEC solution has now been successfully applied to over 75MW of data centre reject heat cooling worldwide.

Compared to common high efficiency free cooling solutions the Oasis IEC has:

  • The same or lower capital investments costs
  • Annual cost savings 40% lower
  • Total energy consumption 65% lower
  • Partial PUE in London of 1.03

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