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Grates and Drainage Systems

11/10 Central Avenue,
South Nowra NSW 2541,

Stormtech specialises in architectural stainless steel lineal drainage solution in a variety of areas including bathrooms, thresholds, courtyards, paved areas, pool surrounds, and balconies. Stormtech are the inventors of the original Slot Drain and lineal drains for showers.

Stormtech slim-line grates and drains are patented and unique in their efficiency and adaptability. Allowing for both new building and retrofit for renovations, they provide a beautiful finish with ease of access for architectural requirements or assisted movement access. Further, they connect directly with all standard plumbing fittings, and have Standards Australia International certification.

Architectural stainless-steel grates with PVC channels

Our innovative range of stainless-steel grates with PVC channels remove water from the trench along their lengths using one or more outlets, improving efficiency of the drains and removing far larger quantities of water than would otherwise be possible. When large-format tiles are selected, Stormtech is an essential component, as it removes the need to crosscut the tiles.

Grates and drains for bathrooms

When used in bathrooms, particularly shower areas, the slope of the floor can be made into a uniform direction, without the multiple fall required when using central floor drains. This increases safety significantly by allowing the use of non-slip tiles, reducing the amount of water pooling on the floor surface and removing the need for steps, hobs and frames, thus reducing trip hazards. Our stainless steel grates provide a prestige finish with design flexibility to allow it to be used in contemporary or classic styles.

Discreet slim-line drains

This innovative product removes water from the trench along its length using one or more outlets, improving efficiency of the drain, removing far larger quantities of water than would otherwise be possible. The 316 stainless steel frame in which any chosen tile will be inserted allows a complete integration in a tiled area providing a discreet finish with exceptional design flexibility.

PVC special assembly drainage pipes

The 65G100 Stormtech special assembly channel has spigots at 200mm centres connected via downpipes of varying length to sockets in a 100mm drainpipe below. This allows the channel to be installed level while the drainpipe is given sufficient fall to be self-cleaning. This product is used in areas in need of superior rates of drainage, where the standard 65G with an outlet every 2 meters will not allow the removal of large enough quantities of water. To complete the Special Assembly you can either use the 65A Architectural grate or the 65D Perforated grate. The Special Assembly is the preferred drain for pool surrounds, courtyards and large level areas such as pedestrian areas, sporting grounds or car parks.

Slot drains for garages, driveways and paths

The original slot drain is one of the first Stormtech products. It has a 25mm opening on the top with 20 slots draining into a 90mm drain pipe. The slot drain is used for stormwater run-off and also suitable for surface water drainage around garages, driveways, paths, pedestrian and paved areas, courtyards, sporting areas or garden edges.

Stormtech Pty Ltd

11/10 Central Avenue

South Nowra NSW 2541