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Proven Performance That Lasts

Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG) is a curtain walling method that utilizes a structural silicone sealant to adhere glass, ceramic, metal or composite panels to supporting framing members by means of a peripheral adhesive joint. In SSG curtain walls, silicone sealants serve not only as a weather seal, but also act as a structural bonding element, eliminating the need for exterior retainers and covers. In the 1960's, the Dow Corning Corporation was a pioneer of this revolutionary technology that opened the eyes of architects to a new way of designing and realizing pure glass aesthetics: Dow Corning's first silicone structural glazing project in 1964 involved structurally bonding glass mullions to external glass in order to rigidify the facade structure, increase daylight opening and transparency. With growing interest in this technique, the 1980s saw the SSG curtain walling concept spread rapidly around the world as this glazing method allowed architects new levels of design freedom and offered a unique aesthetic appearance. SSG has become an outstanding success with literally tens of thousands of projects which showcase its aesthetic and performance benefits. Please download this free white paper to read more.

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