Design & Build Review: Issue 12
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Design & Build Review: Issue 12

17 Jan 2014

In this issue we ask how long it will be until houses are built with a 3D printer, consider how libraries are evolving to compete with modern technology, delve into the latest unique applications of glass in architecture and more.

Design & Build Review: Issue 12

Design and Build Review - Issue 12

As cities become increasingly crowded, a new design concept converts spaces between buildings into compact homes. We consider the challenges of designing and building in such small spaces.

We also find out if 3D printing technology could go as far as printing entire houses, and take a look at the increasing popularity of prefabricated homes.

Moreover, we investigate if student accommodation in the UK is suffering from bad planning and design, ask whether integrated energy supply should become a standard part of building design and find out how the UK’s largest library, the £188m Library of Birmingham, has been designed to appeal to readers in a digital age.

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In this issue

Tomorrow’s Library

We find out more about the newly-opened library of Birmingham and how it delivers on the vision of "a place with all types of content and for all types of people."

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Sleek Design

We look at the latest unique and innovative applications of glass in architecture, exploring projects that highlight the beauty and versatility of glass.

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Filling the Gap

If there’s something a modern city lacks, it’s space. Cue the compact home; an art project turned reality where every centimetre counts. We learn what kind of a gap qualifies as living space.

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Printing Buildings

The use of 3D printers in the design and construction of new buildings is gaining popularity. With this unlimited potential, is the first 3D printed house just a click away?

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A New P.A.T.H

Slovenian prefab specialist Riko’s new P.A.T.H. range aims to set new standards for prefab homes. We talk to P.A.T.H. coordinator Katarina Kumelj about speed, sustainability and affordability in prefabricated construction.

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Lifestyles of the Young and Studious

We delve into the world of student accommodation and reports on the best and worst designs, solutions to budgets and the kinds of living conditions students can expect today and in the future.

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Design with Energy

Urban planning and design is increasingly integrating energy sources into building developments. We speak to Brian Patterson of Emerge Alliance to discuss the future of energy supply in building design.

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Next issue preview

Amazon, Apple and Facebook have all unveiled radical office campus designs over the past year. We look at the role buildings play for digital corporations and the impact designs have on their images. We also profile the winning designs from eVolo’s 2014 skyscraper competition, look at the materials used in London Paddington station’s overhaul and investigate plans for the largest regeneration project ever undertaken in Africa.

Moreover, we ask how challenging it is for practices to adopt building information modelling (BIM) and look back at two decades of PFI-funded building projects.

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