Design & Build Review: Issue 13
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Design & Build Review: Issue 13

14 Apr 2014

In this issue: The rise of the statement campus, winning designs from the eVolo 2014 skyscraper competition, blueprints for regeneration in Africa, Paddington Station’s stainless steel makeover and more

Design & Build Review: Issue 13

Design & Build Review: Issue 13 | April 2014

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Amazon, Apple and Facebook have all unveiled radical office campus designs over the past year. We take a look at the rise of the statement campus and explore the role architecture plays in defining a digital corporation’s brand image.

We also present our favourite designs from eVolo’s 2014 skyscraper competition, find out how Habitat for Humanity’s housing project in the Philippines is tailored to the region devastated by the recent typhoon and explore the largest planned urban regeneration project in Africa which could become a blueprint for the continent.

Moreover, we look back at two decades of PFI-funded building projects to determine whether the controversial financing solution has been a success in the UK and take a look at how stainless steel has become a defining part of London’s Paddington Station redevelopment.

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In this issue

Statement Campus
Giant technology companies have all revealed innovative and imaginative office campuses over the last year. We explore what is defining the campuses and how each company’s ethos is reflected in the design and architecture of the buildings.
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Winning Skyscraper
The 2014 winners of the conceptual skyscraper design competition from eVolo were recently announced. We profile our favourites from teh winners and those receiving honourable mentions.
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PFI Retrospective
PFI has been the foundation of public construction in the UK for two decades but with criticism and waning support we look at how whether this controversial financing solution has been a success.
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Paddington Stainless Design
Paddington Station in London, UK received a liberal use of stainless steel when its new tube station and interchanges were designed and redeveloped. We picture the completed shot-peening process that transformed the station.
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Design for Humanity
Gusts and winds up to 200mph ravaged the Philippines as part of a massive typhoon last year making 10 million people homeless. We’ve spoke to Habitat for Humanity who are running a large project rebuilding the lives of those impacted.
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Blueprint for Africa
Kampala in Uganda is due to undergo the biggest regeneration plan Africa has ever seen, which includes the building of 3,500 homes. We have dug into whether the development could be a model for the whole country.
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Growing Tomorrow
The fired bricks that we know and have used for hundreds of years create huge amounts of pollution during the production process. We have delved into the world of bricks that can be grown using science and technology to find out if they will replace the traditionally used ones.
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Next issue preview

China is planning to spend over $100bn redeveloping its shantytowns in an attempt to support growth and boost its urban population. We look at how this will be achieved. We also ask if micro houses are a realistic solution to housing crises, look at a proposed flatpack house for homeless people and look at ORPROJECT’s innovative use of materials.

Moreover, we investigate the latest trends and techniques in bathroom design and profile some of the latest materials, fixtures and fittings being developed for architects and contractors.

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