Design & Build Review: Issue 7
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Design & Build Review: Issue 7

28 Nov 2012

In this issue: The modern airport from functionality to aesthetics, Ferrari’s innovative railway system, an artificial islands concept from Japan, the master plan behind Rio’s Olympic Park and Abu Dhabi’s leisure and entertainment district.

Design & Build Review: Issue 7


The continuous expansion of infrastructures is changing the way we travel and connect with the world. We find out why design is becoming an increasingly important factor in airport construction and how emerging Asian and Middle Eastern destinations are making use of this development in the competition for stopover business. We also look at the designs behind Pininfarina’s innovative personal rapid transport system, and ask how 3D modelling and BIM software can help architects and contractors to simplify complex railway station projects.

Moreover, we explore the conceptual design for a set of artificial islands that will serve as refuges during emergency situations such as tsunamis, and take a look at the master plan for the Rio Olympic Park, which is under construction for the 2016 Games.

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In this issue

Emerging Icons
The subject of furious competition, airports are now regarded as an aspirational building type. Curtis Fentress and Santiago Calatrava discuss new projects, the airport city and iconic designs.
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The X Factor
As emerging Middle Eastern destinations compete for business, top-quality airport design is a must, as Elly Earls learns from Anthony Mosellie and Mustafa Chehabeddine of international architectural practice Kohn Pedersen Fox.
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Travel in Style
A new personal rapid transport system from the firm behind some of Ferrari’s most iconic designs could is about to change the travel landscape.
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The Third Dimension
BIM software and 3D modelling can simplify complex railway station projects. Weston Williamson’s architectural designer and 3D modelling specialist Neil Sharpe discusses the benefits of 3D BIM for station design projects.
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Village in the Sky
Tohoku Sky Village is a concept for a set of artificial islands in Japan, designed as elevated landscape structures in the Pacific Ocean to serve as refuges to the residents of low-lying areas during emergency situations such as tsunamis.
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Olympic Master Plan
Located in Barra de Tijuca, south-west of Rio de Janeiro, the AECOM-designed Rio Olympic Park comprises the main sports cluster of the 2016 games. We look at the master plan behind the project.
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Welcome to Leisure Land
Yas Island is a leisure and entertainment district being developed in Abu Dhabi. Design & Build Review takes a look at the $40bn artificial island project which is expected to attract 300,000 visitors a day.
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Next issue preview

Green buildings are shooting up from the ground in a race to meet environmental and sustainability targets. We explore some of the most impressive concepts and designs, and look at the materials that can boost their green credentials. We also look at the history of the LEED rating system, including how the initiative has contributed to the rise of sustainable building around the world.

Moreover, we explore how ‘living building’ designs are blurring the lines between biology and architecture, and find out how feasible the concept of building on water is as a solution to space and sustainability issues in the future.

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